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Paws & Fashion: The Launch of your Pet's New Favorite Online Boutique

Paws & Fashion: The Launch of your Pet's New Favorite Online Boutique

Located in the USA, Paws & Fashion will be focusing their first phase on the USA market, however, will be accepting orders globally.

“We’d like to emphasize that orders coming in from outside the USA can expect delivery time to take a little longer”, says Tamara Grabovica, E-commerce Supply Chain Manager.

With the growth of Paws & Fashion, the retail store plans to generate additional warehouses in Europe and the Middle East.

Being highly dedicated and passionate about animals, the business will be donating 10% of their net profit to help stray animals. Tamara went on to say, “In order to generate revenue, and thus donations, Paws and Fashion will be focused on adding value to our customers and their fur babies by offering a memorable experience and quality of our products”.

The new online pet boutique will be offering a wide variety of high quality dog supplies, accessories and clothes aimed at keeping dogs healthy, comfortable and in style.

“At the beginning of the brand launch, our customers can expect to see the Winter and Christmas collection as well as accessories. The two collections will incorporate products such as jackets, hoodies, raincoats, sweaters, and bathrobes. The clothes will be available for small, medium, and large dogs. It is important to mention that our clothes are made from high-quality materials, so dogs can not only stay warm, but comfortable as well. In addition, accessories will include products such as smart feeders, bowls, personalized leash kits, beds, and toys. Last but not least, our customers will also be able to order vintage portraits of their dogs”, shared Tamara.

Being pet lovers and owners themselves, the Paws & Fashion team ensures that their very own dogs are comfortable in the clothes offered by Paws & Fashion, and that the dog supplies and toys are all usable and convenient for their own pets - hence their unique slogan “Tested by our own fur babies, to be loved & enjoyed by yours”.

Paws & Fashion values quality over quantity, ensuring that their products offer high-quality features to make sure that dogs are as comfortable and as happy as possible. Tamara went on to say, “We will rather choose to offer 5 high-quality winter jackets that will be heat-sealed and waterproof, than 25 that do not meet what they are expected to meet”.

Though the pet store focuses on dogs only, there are a few supplies and accessories available that are suitable for cats too. In the near future, Paws & Fashion plans to introduce collections for more animals.

“Our brand will be focused on helping dog parents to take care of their dogs properly through using high-quality dog supplies that keep them healthy, comfortable and in style.”

- Tamara Grabovica, E-commerce Supply Chain Manager

Here’s what you need to know before purchasing from Paws & Fashion:

Customers will be able to purchase their products by using bank cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Further, they can use the digital wallet payment method including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Amazon pay. Also, orders can be placed by using P2P methods such as PayPal, Venmo and Zelle. Payments can also be made in instalments by using their third party financial services.

The delivery time for orders placed from outside the USA will take longer than those orders placed from within the USA.

In addition to their website, customers can reach Paws & Fashion consultants through their Instagram and Facebook social media channels @pawsandfashion

The Food Measuring Scoop has been personally recommended by the co-founder, as maintaining the proper weight and mobility of your dogs is important, and to achieve this, dogs need to be given the right amount of food on a daily basis.

“The name Paws and Fashion was inspired by the fact that we treat our dogs like our babies, so we want to inspire other people to have the same approach to their dogs. Therefore, we chose to use a common word we use as humans and it is Fashion”

- Tamara Grabovica, E-commerce Supply Chain Manager