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Helping Palestine

Helping Palestine

Following the recent attacks between Palestine and Israel, thousands have been left homeless, hundreds either deceased or injured, and more than a hundred buildings destroyed. If this isn’t the right time to express our empathy towards those physically and emotionally suffering in Palestine, then we don’t know when is.

In support of Palestine, we’ve decided to share the information of a few charities that are helping Palestinians during this traumatic time.

MAP (Medical Aid for Palestine)

MAP has been providing medical care to Palestinians communities for over 30 years. To show your support and donate, click here.

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

For over 25 years, they have been aiding to children in the Middle East.

To help and donate to all injured children in Palestine, click here.

Just Giving

A charity assisting in donating clean water, food and clothes to Palestinians.

To show your support and donate, click here.

United Palestinian Appeal (UPA)

Providing meals to refugees in refugee camps. To show your support and donate, click here.