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HBO’s House of the Dragon: Answers to the inspiration behind the storyline, filming locations, and season two

HBO’s House of the Dragon: Answers to the inspiration behind the storyline, filming locations, and season two

Every Game of Thrones fan has been waiting in anticipation for the House of the Dragon, a prequel to the medieval-themed series that takes place 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones. Fans have been loving the long-waited series so far, which released on 21 August 2022.

With all the hype surrounding the House of the Dragon storyline, we’re about to highlight the inspiration behind the story, the beautiful filming locations, how long it took to film the 10-part season, and whether or not there’ll be new seasons to look forward to!

The inspiration behind the House of the Dragon

While the obvious answer might be Game of Thrones, the House of the Dragon storyline is actually based on real events from the 12th century, the Anarchy, which was an English civil war that lasted between 1138 until 1153.

While the Anarchy only unfolded in 1138, the events which would later be the cause of this English civil war transpired 18 years earlier in 1120 when King Henry I’s only son and heir, William Adelin, lost his life to a shipwreck during his journey from Normandy to England. Having no other son, King Henry (King Viserys I in House of the Dragon) named his teenage daughter, Matilda (Princess Rhaenyra in House of the Dragon), as his successor to the throne. Following the kings’ death in 1135, nobody committed to Matilda as they promised the king while he still lived, and so Matilda's cousin, Stephen of Blois (Prince Daemon, who is Rhaenyra’s uncle in House of the Dragon), took over the throne.

Filming locations

A few of the beautiful landscapes in House of the Dragon can be found in the following locations:

● Caceres and Trujillo in Spain, filmed at for the streets of King’s Landing in House of the Dragon.

● The village of Monsanto in Portugal, also known as the City of Stones, where you’d find a medieval castle that is now in ruins.

● Cornwall in south west England and Holywell Bay Beach.

● Caesary camp, a hill on the border of Surrey and Hampshire.

How long did it take to film House of the Dragon?

The writing process began in January 2020 and casting in July 2020. The official filming of the series began in April 2021. By February 2022, HBO confirmed the completion of House of the Dragon production. The first episode was released later in August 2022.

Will there be a season two?

It’s been confirmed that House of the Dragon has officially been renewed for a second season, with a possibility of a third and fourth season release!