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Gut Health Giveaway by Beckon Ice Cream

Gut Health Giveaway by Beckon Ice Cream

February is Lactose Intolerance Awareness month!

Beckon Ice Cream, a premium lactose-free ice cream brand available in 7 delicious flavours, have launched an exciting new campaign called “Stop Sh***ing Yourself”, encouraging all to start taking your gut health seriously!

We’ve all experienced it. The irresistible urge to indulge in our favourite flavour of creamy, rich ice cream. In this moment, the taste is incredible, right?

The aftermath, not so incredible!

This month, Beckon Ice Cream and a total of 11 RD’s, Nutritionists and Health Professionals will be helping eleven lucky winners to stop sh***ing themselves.

The Gut Help Giveaway winners will win a year of free Beckon Ice Cream and one of the following:

● 1 initial consultation and 1 follow up consultation with Beatriz Satizabal, MA, MS

● 1 hour of Gut Health & Nutrition Assessment with Gabrielle McGrath, MS, RD, LDN

● 1 30 min phone session and $50 off your first month of Michelle Pillepich, MPH, RD, CPT group program if choose to join

● 1 session for anyone who does not have dietary coverage with Mahtab Soleimanzadeh, RD, CDN, CPT

● 1 phone session with a follow up week of meal planning with Gigi Rubin, MS, RD, CDN

● 1 hour consultation with Sophie Burge Dolan, MS, RDN, LD

● Tailored meal plan to meet nutritional needs, dietary restrictions, and food preferences while taking the guesswork out of grocery shopping and meal prepping from Mia Syn, MS, RDN

● A month subscription to the gut health meal plan which includes recipes aimed at promoting a healthy digestion from Amanda Sauceda, RDN

● Trust Your Gut Online Course designed to help you manage your IBS symptoms from Alyssa Lavy, MS, RD, CDN

● Once Upon A Diet from Toni Marinucci, MS, RDN

The Complete Book of Smoothies: 115 Healthy Recipes to Nourish, Heal, and Energize from Andrea Mathis

If you’d like to be one of the eleven lucky prize winners who will be getting professional advice and help on your gut health, follow this link to enter. You have until the end of February!