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blakINwite’s Most Influential Woman by People’s Choice 2022: Here’s what you should know about our first awards

blakINwite’s Most Influential Woman by People’s Choice 2022: Here’s what you should know about our first awards

We’re extremely thrilled to bring you our very first award, blakINwite’s Most Influential Woman by People’s Choice, where voting will be open for the public!

Since our founding day in March 2021, we’ve dedicated ourselves to inspiring and empowering our fellow female communities with the success stories of female entrepreneurs, women in business, and young talents who have chased their dreams and are doing what they are most passionate about. Sometimes all it takes for us to find purpose and motivation is the inspiration behind the stories of others. Unveiling the stories of those who rise after falling and those with the ambition to challenge their struggles, those with dreams they continue to chase and who make the world a better place.

In addition, we interview and share the stories of these inspiring women with the aim to celebrate their success with them and others. In further celebration of their success, we’ve decided to bring on our very first awards and have selected a few women who have previously been featured in our magazine to participate in this voting competition.

Voting for the selected nominees will be open from Monday, 6 June 2022 until Friday, 17 June 2022, allowing voters twelve days to vote for who they think should win the title! The winner will be announced on Monday, 20 June 2022.

The winner of this competition will be placed on the cover of the upcoming edition of blakINwite titled blakINwite’s Most Influential Woman of 2022, a follow up interview and story within the same edition, free advertising on our website for two months, and the option to receive a free NFT piece from entrepreneur and NFT artist Maya Hamad.

The voting link will be available on blakINwite and our nominees’ social media channels.

Meet Our Nominees:

Fajjr Khan:

Fajjr Khan is the lead singer of the New York pop duo called “fajjr+ali.” As an American Muslim woman who wears headscarf, she hopes her work will inspire more diversity in mainstream music. Read Fajjr Khan’s full story here.

Yasmeen Sehbai:

Yasmeen Sehbai is the founder of a global charity called the Global Schoolhouse Initiative that provides displaced and underserved children with free, emergency education. They work with children who experience daily abuse, neglect, food insecurity, inaccessibility to clean water, and more. Read Yasmeen Sehbai’s full story here.

Nada Enan:

Nada Enan is the Head of Communications at Instagram for the Middle East, Africa & Turkey. She believes in the power of storytelling and encourages Comms professionals to always seek new challenges that are out of their comfort zone. Read Nada Enan’s full story here.

Maya Toron Al Omary:

Maya Toron Al Omary was born and raised in New York and is the founder of Maison Mishmashi - a furniture design concept based in Dubai prior to which she co-founded the first 100% women-run real estate company in 2007. Read Maya Toron Al Omary’s full story here.

Areej Mohammed:

Areej Mohammed is a TV presenter and producer, reporting on sports news and interviewing international athletes and footballers on her TV shows Thentein W Nos and Alkass Digital. Areej was also the main host for the FIFA World Cup countdown clock. She uses her platform to influence and impact others. Read Areej Mohammed’s full story here.

Aminah Musa:

Aminah Musa is the co-founder of PaliRoots, a Palestinian clothing brand aimed at preserving the Palestinian identities, culture, and heritage. She also uses her brand to support families and children in Palestine, and provides meals to school children in Gaza through her PaliRoots Meal Program. Read Aminah Musa’s full story here.