Save A Dog

Trade a card and save a dog. Hearts always win.

This NFT collection supports the Forgotten Dogs Foundation, a dog charity aimed at ending the mistreatment and killing of dogs in overpopulated animal shelters. All monies raised and donated to the FDF are used to support no-kill dog shelters in providing homes for orphaned dogs, and to support organizations and shelters who work hard towards improving the overall welfare of dogs.

The Forgotten Dogs collection has a total of 13 cards. Each card holds a letter of the words ‘forgotten dogs.’ The different breeds on each card portrays the diversity of dog breeds around the world who need our help everyday. These dogs are harmless and helpless. They don’t have voices. They only know how to spread love and happiness. And they count on us to support them.

As a dog mom personally, I drew this collection as a little gesture to thank my own fur baby for all the happiness and joy he brings to my life, by rewarding as many dogs as possible with the basic opportunity of being happy & safe too.