NFTs BY TEAM blakINwite

About Our NFTs:

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have become the latest trend amongst artists and investors. Artists have found a new way to invest in their artistic talents by converting their digital artwork into NFTs, and selling them using cryptocurrency.


In line with our mission to support and empower females to reach their full potential, blakINwite has invested in NFT with the goal to encourage more women to join the NFT art community to become inspired to invest in their creative talents or the NFT's of other female artists and give their financial game a boost. Thus, we will be showing our support and encouragement by sharing expert tips and advice on NFT investing, and discussing everything you need to know about the topic. We will also show our support to the female artist community on our NFT page by giving them the opportunity to share and promote their collections in our magazine.


Our blakINwite creative team has started their own NFT art collections in support of our magazine’s various initiatives aimed at supporting female entrepreneurs, women in business, and young talents from around the world. The support from our collections will allow us to further fulfil our mission to make an impact on the female empowerment and entrepreneurship community.


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