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How will we inspire you this month?

We welcome June with our very first awards competition, “blakINwite’s Most Influential Woman by People’s Choice 2022” in further celebration of the inspiring women we’ve previously featured in our magazine! Find out who our nominees are under our Trending News page.

We dive into the world of talented musician, Mia Asano, as she takes us through how her passion for the electric violin started. We explore Alicia Keys’ charity organization, Keep a Child Alive, and her No Makeup Movement, and we share a heartwarming poem by author and podcast host, Jeriel Harvey.

Need some cooking inspiration? Find the delicious traditional Lebanese Stuffed Grape Leaves recipe under our Recipes page.

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blakINwite’s Most Influential Woman by People’s Choice 2022: Here’s what you should know about our first awards

blakINwite launches a competition for the most influential woman of 2022 by People’s Choice. Read more on the success stories of our nominees and place your vote!

Mia Asano, Embracing Her Musical Voice With The Electric Violin

Mia Asano, professional electric violinist, shares her story about how her passion for the electric violin started, her challenges, and her first single "Lunar"

Beat Procrastination in Four Simple Ways

Procrastination prevents you from achieving your goals. blakINwite's inspirational article provides four simple tips to help you overcome procrastination.

There’s so Much More to Love about Alicia Keys Than Just Her Amazing Talent in Making Music!

Alicia Keys is a multi-award-winning singer-songwriter who has used her voice, music, and influence to bring change and raise awareness about various social issues. Read more about her charity organization and no-makeup movement.

"Lips and Hips" poem by Jeriel Harvey

Read "Lips and Hips" by Jeriel Harvey, a poem about self-discovery and self-love. Jeriel Harvey shares more about the inspirations behind his poem.

Lebanese Stuffed Grape Leaves / Warak Enab

Check out the traditional Lebanese Stuffed Grape Leaves recipe by The Salt and Sweet Kitchen. Find our monthly recipe suggestions with every new edition of blakINwite.

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