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Our February edition touches on the latest NFT trend and everything you need to know about it. With that being said, our creative team from blakINwite have started their own NFT drawings, making it available for your purchase under our NFT section.

In other topics, we get to know more about Elakshi Gupta, an inspiring model, actress, and dentist who has pursued each one of her dreams, and Dana Rebecca, a passionate third-generation jewelry designer and the founder of Dana Rebecca Designs.

This month, we also fill you in on the latest movies and books, quick health & fitness tips from a certified fitness instructor, and a healthy pasta recipe for pasta lovers!

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Dare To Dream - February 2022

Everything You Need to Know About NFT's

Information on NFT investing are making its rounds and more people are hopping onto the new money making bandwagon!

Elakshi Gupta: Leaving No Dream Unfulfilled

Elakshi Gupta, a well established dentist, fashion model, and actress decided to pursue three of her biggest passions!

Dana Rebecca: Timeless & Versatile Jewelry, Designed Effortlessly to Empower Every Woman

Born and raised in the jewelry industry, Dana Rebecca spent most of her childhood in her dad’s jewelry factory.

Gut Health Giveaway by Beckon Ice Cream

Beckon Ice Cream, a premium lactose-free ice cream brand available in 7 delicious flavours!

Facts about Victoria Beckham’s Stardom

Born as Victoria Adams, she became Mrs Beckham after marrying the well-known, and now former England footballer, David Beckham in 1999. The couple are now parents to four children.

Recipe Pick of the Month: Skinny Alfredo

This quick and easy Skinny Alfredo pasta is a great alternative to satisfy those pasta cravings while trying to stick to a healthy diet.

Fitness with Raya: 9 Health & Fitness Tips by Raya Hatahet

The new year has kicked off to a great start, and it’s not too late to get started on a new fitness routine to reach that end of year body goals!