This July, we introduce you to blakINwite’s Most Influential Woman by People’s Choice 2022, Aminah Musa, as we get to know her a little bit more with a quick Q&A! We get to know Anna Romanova as she takes us through her journey as a professional ballet dance.

Who are our female champions of the 2022 Mediterranean Games? We cover the top 3 winners for swimming, taekwondo, and karate, and a short history on this anticipated multi-sport event! We also motivate our reasons as to why you should advertise your business in our magazine in a short article covering different types of advertising.

It’s also the month of Eid Adha! Visit our recipe section and find the traditional Egyptian Fattah recipe to enjoy with your family and friends this Eid Adha. Speaking of Egypt, we cover everything you need to know about Hend Sabry, one of Egypt’s most prominent and influential actors as our Influential Woman of the month.

Happy reading!

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Boundless Courage - July 2022

Why You Should Advertise with blakINwite Digital Magazine

Learn more about the different types and objectives of advertising and why you should advertise with blakINwite digital magazine.

Mediterranean Games Women Results 2022_ Swimming, Karate, Taekwondo

Find out the 2022 Mediterranean Games results for the women's swimming, taekwondo, and karate, and the short history of this anticipated multi-sports event.

Hend Sabry, One of Egypt’s Most Prominent and Influential Actors and Humanitarians

Find out how Hend Sabry became an inspiring woman for many Arabian women.

Anna Romanova, Passionately Living Her Dream as a Professional Ballet Dancer

Anna Romanova has been in love with ballet since childhood and started professional ballet classes at the age of nine. She shares more about her journey toward becoming a professional ballerina.

Aminah Musa - Meet blakINwite's Most Influential Woman by People's Choice of 2022

A Q&A with Aminah Musa, the winner of blakINwite’s Most Influential Woman by People’s Choice of 2022 title. Aminah shares her thoughts and highlights as the winner.

Egyptian Fattah Recipe By Amira’s Pantry

Meat is the main dish in Adha Eid in the Arabian countries. Find out the Egyptian Fattah recipe by Amira’s Pantry and share yours with blakINwite.