Tayma Azzam: A Published Author at the Age of 10

"Follow your dreams and never give up.”
– Tayma Azzam

Tayma Azzam, a young author of only 10 years old, published her first book called “The War of the Unicorns”. The children’s book tells the story about twins who enter a world full of unicorns and dragons where the unicorns break into war and it is up to the twins to save the day.

Tayma was inspired to write this story when she was given a school assignment that required her to make up her own story using all the new vocabulary learned in class. Excited by what she has created from her vocabulary, the young writer felt inspired to finish the story in her own way. Tayma was thrilled about the publication of her book and couldn’t wait to see the outcome of the drawings in her book.

“The War of the Unicorns” will be the first of many works of literature and stories for the aspiring author.

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