Siebritz Twins: Double the Passion, Double the Success

“Not everything is going to go your way but that doesn’t mean you give up. You just push harder and it’s always worth it”
– Siebritz Twins

Following many years of planning, designing and hard work, Amron and Geovanna’s dreams of having their own clothing label finally became a reality.

Amron and Geovanna Siebritz, entrepreneur twin sisters from South Africa, launched their first clothing label “G & A Couture” in June 2020. They describe fashion as not just their passion, but something that has always been inside their genes.

“Launching during lockdown was a bold decision but we did it”. The twins described the launch as a stressful, yet exciting period.

What makes G & A Couture stand out is its neutral colour palette. The twins went on to say: “Our colour palette is more neutral than anything. Nothing too bright and it represents us”. With their clothing label, they also aim to make women feel comfortable in their own skin by catering to women with curvy figures too.

Apart from fashion designing, the twins are influencers for many brands on social media. They’ve stated that their influence on social media has definitely given the launch of G & A Couture a huge head start.

The ambitious sisters are working towards the end goal of having their clothing label internationally recognised, with store branches in different countries. They’ve also described the support they’ve received from their family and friends as the highlight of their career since they’ve launched.

Our Favorite Questions:

How would you both describe the experience of working with your twin sister?

“It’s fun working with your best friend but it can get ugly at times where we’d argue or the one twin puts in more work than the other twin. It’s not always as smooth as it may seem, it’s a lot of work but in the end we always acknowledge that it’s always better together”.

What is the best part about running your own clothing line?

“The feeling of knowing that you’re a boss woman, you’re selling clothing with your label on it and it’s your designs. It inspires women out there that if we can do it, so can you”

What career advice would you give to younger women aspiring to reach their career goals?

“Follow your passion. Don’t just settle for anything and never give up on yourself. If you believe it, you can achieve it. Success is just a stone throw away”.

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