Sarah Hatahet: An Influential Artist on Her Journey to Educate & Engage Diverse Local Art Communities

"I am mainly inspired by my surroundings, people & conversations, cities, small details that catch my eye, coffee marks in my mug, plants in my house, beautifully shaped clouds. Pretty much anything & everything”
– Sarah Hatahet

Sarah Hatahet’s love for art grew from a very young age. Her passion was influenced by the many paintings in her childhood home, her mom’s appreciation for art and her grandmother who was an artist herself. Growing up, she’d spend her weekends at her grandmother’s home and was inspired by her passion for art as she watched her paint. She was soon encouraged to create her own art with paint and colouring pencils.

Sarah first became a business owner in 2009, after university, when she opened up a printmaking studio, called “The Studio”, with three of her artist friends in Amman Jordan. “The Studio” was their first business and provided them with a space to produce their artwork and exhibit it.

In 2010, they opened the doors to the public where they had a workshop for printmaking and held art exhibitions and various cultural events. This was the start of Sarah’s journey as an art curator and educator, where she met many artists along the way and desired to do more for the art community.

​Inspired by the collaboration and engagement with different artists, she started a passion project called Daftar Asfar, which is a publishing platform where various artists from around the world are brought together through their sketches. The project focuses on creative collaboration and artistic development, and sees sketchbooks as a tool for artists to show-case their thoughts and interactions with others through their creative works.

​Daftar Asfar was co-founded by Sarah and two others, Nahla Tabbaa and Lena Kassicieh. Their successful project is currently on its way to the 9th edition!

In addition to art, entrepreneurship runs in the family too.

Raya Hatahet, Sarah’s sister also finds herself on the entrepreneurial journey in the fitness field. Though their areas of expertise in what they do are completely different, the two always find ways to motivate and support each other. Sarah describes her sister as her “moral compass” and best friend.

​Through her 13 years in the art industry, Sarah does not wish to change anything. Through art, Sarah found a way to express herself without saying much. Her goal is to continue to follow her passion and grow into a full rounded art professional, so that she can use her experience to support the art community and spread her knowledge on art education and curation. Her advice to young women working towards their goals to continuously educate themselves about their field of work and find ways to expand their skill set. Set clear goals and make them achievable.

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