Rania Ayman, Making start-ups a reality with Entreprenelle

“Because I didn’t find anything like Entreprenelle, I created Entreprenelle”
– Rania Ayman

Founded in 2015, Entreprenelle is an organization working with and supporting local women in Egypt who wish to start up and excel in their own business.

After graduating at the faculty of ecommerce with a major in business, Rania Ayman, the founder of Entreprenelle, started her career journey at Microsoft and later joined an advertising agency in Egypt. After a while of working in marketing for start-up businesses, and experiencing the challenges herself in the start-up process of her own business, she realized the difficulties that many women face when it comes to starting their own business compared to men. These difficulties are what drove her to start up a business like Entreprenelle.

Although Rania aimed to address the issues that entrepreneur women faced, she described the organization as an inclusive one, as they do not limit themselves to help women only. “Entreprenelle is a platform any aspiring entrepreneur can benefit from. We serve everyone, from school girls, the young, the retired, the underprivileged. Sometimes men join the platform too. Education is for everyone, the only requirements we want to see is commitment and the willingness to learn”.

Rania also highlighted the important parts of starting up a business is to not just be impact driven, but to be commercially driven too so that your employees are taken care of, and to always show the human side to you when managing people: “You have to make sure you take care of the people working for you because at the end of the day, they’re the engine of the company”.

Today, Rania feels great pride at the success of Entreprenelle. It’s always been her passion to make an impact, so when she witnesses the success and growth of her past clients, it brings great joy.

Our Favorite Answers:

What makes Entreprenelle stand out from similar initiatives? “As cliché as it may sound, we stand out because we’re doing it genuinely. We’re doing it because we really want to help. We don’t have any hidden agenda. We’re not working for an organization. We carefully select our sponsors and partners because we want women to get the value”

What do you believe is the secret ingredient to success? “I believe that persistence is the key and consistency is very important. If you’re consistent in what you do, no matter how hard things get, by the end of the day you’ll reach somewhere. And you need persistence because growth is not an easy process”

Has there ever been a time when you felt you wanted to quit? “It does get difficult but when you really believe in something, it’s hard to quit. When you’re working in something you believe in, it’s not a job, it’s a call. This is what you were created for, your purpose and message”

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