Natalie Lane: Making Music from the Heart

"My favorite part about being a singer-songwriter is having it be my free therapy. I love seeing a small voice memo of mine become a full
production. The evolution of a song is the dopamine of writing."
- Natalie Lane

Finding music as her form of free therapy, Natalie Lane knew she found her passion in singing and songwriting after participating in her school’s talent show.

As a child, she first took an interest in acting which later faded once she found her love in music during elementary school. “One day I just decided to audition for my school’s talent show and from there on out, I was always in love with music and singing,” shared Natalie, “I started my first vocal lessons in high school.”

During junior high, Natalie began focusing on writing her own songs. She released her first single, “More,” in 2018. “I remember feeling like it was just the beginning. I was a little delusional though because I thought I was going to become an overnight sensation!” laughed Natalie. Specializing in pop music, Natalie shared that her favorite part about being a singer-songwriter is seeing her small voice memo’s transform into a full production. She went on to say, “The evolution of a song is the dopamine of writing.”

The pop-singer is currently working on a new single called “Fatal Mistake.”

Natalie’s inspirations and motivations

Natalie shared that the musical artist who inspired her to keep pushing is Lana Del Rey, “I’ve always been captivated by her songwriting,” shared Natalie, “When I was in high school I remember discovering ‘Born to Die’ and it inspired me to push myself as an artist.

She describes her inspiration as something that comes in waves. “Sometimes inspiration to me feels like fishing. I have to be patient,” shared Natalie, “but when it comes you have to quickly try to reel it in.” She also finds being around people and trying new things as the fuel for inspiration for a new song.

Natalie shared that the most challenging part about being in the music industry is trying to not let the ups and downs defeat you. “It feels like a full-time sales job at times but I try not to let the politics get to me,” shared Natalie, “I try to just keep the joy of why I started doing it in the first place.”

Natalie Lane’s music can be found on all streaming platforms.

Our Favorite Questions

Do you have any words of encouragement to share?

Support your friends that are artists. Being independent has its challenges but the people that support us by sharing our music makes the challenges worth it.”

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