Nadia Alzou'bi: Touching Lives Through Comedy

"I believe in the purpose of the message I deliver to people.”
– Nadia Alzou'bi

Nadia Alzou’bi, a well-known actress, T.V and radio presenter in the Middle East region, started her career as a radio presenter in 2006.

Her educational journey originally began with a Bachelor’s in Spanish and English at the University of Jordan – a time where she hadn’t a clue that she’d soon be entering the world of stardom. Nadia appeared on air for the first time on a recorded TV show called “Akher Khabar with Nadia Alzou’bi” (Latest News with Nadia Alzou’bi), a show that brought her recognition as a TV presenter. When her skills and capabilities were recognised by the president of the TV show, she was encouraged by him to go Live, which lead to the growth of her career. With the experience and guidance collected along the way, Nadia and a colleague started their own radio show, where for two hours a week they’d play requested songs from their listeners.

Alzou’bi is now currently the host of three different TV shows – “Sabah Sahself”, a morning show with her colleague Rahaf, “Lafi with Nadia”, and appears as an actress in a comedy TV series called “Yasmine and Sabri”. She’s also previously appeared on a talk show called “Latt Wa Ajen”.

Nadia describes her content and TV shows as “spontaneous”, as it touches the hearts of the people in Jordan. All her shows are in the street language of the Jordanians and she believes that through this, she develops a deeper connection with her audience. Though her comedian side is well-known in her comedy show, she allows her fans to see more than one side to her in her morning shows which discusses various topics on matters in society. Through her topics, she aims to add value to her viewers while keeping her sense of humour at the centre of her talk shows.

“I believe in the purpose of the message I deliver to people” – Nadia Alzou’bi.

The biggest challenge that Nadia has faced while building her career was introducing her own unique style of presenting and building up her fan base. These challenges have only pushed her towards believing in herself and becoming stronger than the day before. Today, it is the love and support she receives from her fans that motivates her, and she strives to grow her presence more across the Middle East region.

Nadia’s biggest supporter has always been her dad, as he always pushed and believed in her to do her best. She advises young women of today to believe in themselves and to not rely on the validation of others.

“I believe that the journey to my dreams is more.”

Important and joyful than arriving at my destination” –Nadia Alzou’bi.

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