Nada Enan, Storytelling At The Heart Of Her Career

“I’ve always been fascinated with storytelling. I loved the lasting impact stories can have on people’s lives”
- Nada Enan

Nada Enan, Head of Communications at Instagram in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), knew that communications was her calling within a few weeks of starting her very first job in the industry, taking on the role of Internal Communications.

Throughout her years in the industry, Nada has worked in Internal, External and Brand Communications, however, she describes her role at Instagram as the most exciting and dynamic role she’s held to date. She went on to say, “I love how I can combine my love for crafting stories with strategic thinking, implement ideas, gather feedback and learn from the insights and results after. It’s something that, even after years in communications, never fails to excite me”. For Nada, her inspiration comes from anyone or anything around her, from something her daughter said to a simple quote she’s read. Another way she stays inspired and expands her knowledge is by interacting with her colleagues who are in different departments or countries than her own, or with those who are in completely different industries, “This helps me to continuously see things from different perspectives which is really important especially for personal growth and development”, she says. Describing her decision of accepting a job in another country as the most important risk she’s taken, the past 10 years living abroad has also been the most fulfilling experience for Nada. Her career abroad has given her the opportunity to learn and grow by managing communication roles in new areas and countries.

During the challenging pandemic period, Nada said the key to staying motivated is through constant communication and having empathy. “For me, keeping in touch with my colleagues over the past year and a half was important to creating a trusted and productive environment”, says Nada. For those looking to change their career or for a promotion, Nada believes the two most important traits are initiative and interest. She believes that with these two traits, employees will always continue to learn on the job. Working remotely has gotten Nada into the routine of dedicating her early mornings to her health by getting in some exercise. Her afternoons, while the kids are at school, are when she gets work and meetings done, and her evenings are dedicated to spending time with her family. On occasions where she needs to spend more time on work projects, she says, “The key is to balance it by spending more time later on the things you love or booking an extra day off to spend some quality time with your family or to simply take a mental break”.

Our Favorite Questions

In your opinion, what are the top 3 attributes of a successful leader?

“From my experience working within global teams and taking notes from the strong leaders I have worked with, I would say, understanding that different people work differently – shaking off a “one-size-fits-all” mindset and seeking out what gets the best out of each team member. Second would be active listening – not just listening but really making sure you understand the worries and flags from your team members. And third would be empathy – last year was hard on all of us, so having empathy and realizing how people will be dealing with pressure in different ways is key”

How do you continue to grow and develop? “I never stop learning and I never let myself get comfortable. I always seek new challenges and push myself to take part in new projects that will push me out of my comfort zone. These, in my opinion, are the sure-fire ways to accelerating your professional growth and acquisition of new skills”

What advice would you give to young women aspiring to climb up the corporate ladder? “Plan your climb. Figure out what you want, set a plan to get there, then be agile and get ready to adapt and switch gears quickly if things don’t go accordingly”

Who do you look up to for inspiration or mentorship? “I take inspiration from anyone and anything around me. I sometimes get inspired by something my 8-year-old daughter says or a quote I come across. But one thing that I do quite often to expand my knowledge, is meet people outside my day-to-day network. This could be a colleague in another country/department that I never work with or someone in a completely different industry. This helps me to continuously see things from different perspectives which is really important for personal growth and development.”

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