Mia Asano, Embracing Her Musical Voice With The Electric Violin

“My dream is to showcase the vast possibilities of what the violin is capable of, and I do that through playing many styles of music and putting on exciting electric violin concerts!”
-Mia Asano

When Mia Asano discovered the electric violin when she was 13 years old, she knew that her passion and goal in life was to perform using that instrument as her musical voice.

The talented electric and acoustic violinist started learning how to play the instrument when she was five years old. She was classically trained and attended an arts middle and high school where she played in the orchestras in Denver. Mia had also just recently graduated from the Berklee college of music as a dual major in Performance and Professional Music with concentrations in songwriting and business.

Upon discovering the electric violin, Mia started learning various styles of music in addition to her classical training, such as pop, rock, bluegrass, celtic, jazz, and funk, and got her very first gig at the age of 15, when she was still a freshman in high school. She went on to say, “My violin teacher at the time asked me to do it, because it was a futuristic fashion show looking for a violin player and she thought I’d be perfect for it,” shared Mia, “I showed up at this event having no idea what to expect. It turned out to be a very big deal, with 600 people there, big Denver photographers and magazines. I played my two little songs for the audience and I remember at that moment thinking that this is what I have to do with my life, there’s nothing else I want to do, I’m meant for this.”

Her very first gig followed with more shows and before she knew it, she became the fashion show violinist of Denver. During this time, she ended up meeting important photographers, designers, and even started modeling. She also met several awesome musicians and joined a few bands.

When asked about her inspirations as a musician, Mia responded that she’s greatly inspired by her friends and other musicians she’s met throughout her journey. She went on to say, “I see so many incredible people sharing their art online, and now that things have opened up again I’ve been seeing a lot of live shows as well. I have friends who are on tours that have been coming through town and seeing them performing live again has filled a void that was in my heart during the pandemic,” shared Mia, “I’m lucky to be surrounded by so many talented people and I get very inspired by what my friends are creating.”

When asked about how she stays motivated, she responded that she always looks at the bigger picture and has set specific long-term goals that she’s always working towards. When it comes to her daily to-do lists, Mia shared that she likes to stay organized as she systematically checks off things that need to be done. She tries to get all the urgent tasks out of the way first and always gives herself time to relax and recuperate.

What Mia Asano loves most and found most challenging during her journey as a musician

“The best part of my journey so far has definitely been the incredible people I’ve met and gotten to work with, both through school, gigs, and social media! I’ve never felt so connected to so many talented people before and I feel very lucky to have gotten to collaborate with so many artists this year, including people that I’ve considered to be musical heroes of mine.” shared Mia.

Mia shared that throughout her musical journey, she’s dealt with several challenges such self-doubt, imposter syndrome, haters, injuries, amongst other things. She went on to say, “The biggest things I had to learn was how to deal with the immense pressure I put on myself and the unfortunate realities of imposter syndrome and self doubt in this industry,” shared Mia, “When I first got to college I was really overwhelmed and humbled by the caliber of musicians there, and for a very long time I felt I wasn’t good enough to be a part of the school.” Although she was quite confident in high school, there was also a point where Mia began trying too hard to impress other musicians in an attempt to become famous and widely recognized in the public eye. Mia continued, “What it took was me breaking down my ego and self image, and rebuilding it from a healthier place. I traveled, did a semester abroad in Spain, spent a lot of time sitting with myself and realized what’s important to me is playing music I love with people I love, and helping others.”

After some time reflecting, she began focusing on her music and self-betterment rather than becoming famous, and gained the confidence she needed to return to Boston and take on new opportunities, even if it scared her - “Especially if it scared her” Mia added. When the pandemic hit, Mia began experiencing self-doubt again and realized she wasn’t playing the music styles she truly loved, which is pop, rock, metal, celtic, and electronic. She went on to say, “I started secretly posting videos on TikTok, in an attempt to rekindle the spark that made me want to pursue music in the first place. Within a week my first video went viral and now here we are today, all because I took the time to understand myself and reevaluate my goals.”

“Lunar” and more about Mia’s Music

Mia has already successfully released one single called Lunar, which she co-wrote with her professor Jason Anick, and with her friends Annie Elise and Jason Petrin who did the production. “Jason is an incredible violinist who specializes in jazz and bluegrass music, and I’ve been working with him for the last few years in school,” shared Mia, “It’s a dream of mine to release pop/electronic violin music but with a bluesy twist and Lunar really encapsulates that.” Lunar’s music video was shot at a studio in Colorado, which Mia co-directed with her dad who is a videographer. Lunar’s remix will be released this Summer and includes added vocals. Mia has several more singles and EP’s that she’s currently working on.

Mia Asano’s music can be found on all streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Amazon. Her daily electric violin cover videos can be found on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and exclusive content on Patreon. The talented musician can also be seen playing live shows around Boston, and has her senior recital and debut, the “Mia Asano Show,” coming up at the Warehouse XI in Boston on August 4th. Tickets for her show will be available on her website very soon.

Our Favorite Questions

Besides music, do you have anything else you enjoy or are interested in?

“I love videography. I developed a passion for it during the pandemic when I had to start editing videos for remote collaborations. My dad is a videographer so it was also a really amazing way to connect with him. I’ve done a lot of freelance video work over the last few years, editing videos for people and even shooting and directing music videos.”

Do you have a favorite musician you look up to? Why this person?

“It’s impossible to pick one favorite musician because there are so many who I love! In the violin world I’ve always been really inspired by Caitlin De Ville because many of her early electric violin videos inspired me to do what I do today. The same goes for violinist Vanessa-Mae, and Tina Guo on cello. In terms of music I listen to presently I am a massive fan of Sammy Rae and the Friends. Sammy’s vocals and songwriting abilities are incredible and the friendship among the band is extremely inspiring. I also really look up to Adrienne Cowan of Seven Spires. I’ve never seen someone more hardworking, she never seems to stop and is constantly putting out incredible songs while also staying really real and transparent with her fans online about mental and physical health. There are a million more people, this is just scratching the surface.”

What advice do you have for those aspiring to become a musician?

“Being a musician takes a lot of work and it takes a lot of sacrifice, but it's absolutely worth it if you love it. Music is such a powerful way to express yourself and to connect with people. Everything good in my life is related back to music somehow and I’m so grateful I pursued it because it led me to where I am today. The best advice I have for someone is to work hard, and be kind to yourself. You’re not going to master the instrument in a day, so try to see the bigger picture and focus on slow, steady improvement. It’s also okay to not be the best person in the room. You’ll learn more that way. The key is to be the most prepared person in the room. It will always serve you well and being prepared, knowing your part and showing up on time will go a long way.”

Find Mia Asano on all platforms @miaasanomusic

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