Maya Hamad, Founder of Emoteyes, celebrates the firms' one-year anniversary!

“I never thought of it as the female entrepreneur and male entrepreneur. I think that every person has their own challenges no matter who they are, or where they are coming from."
-Maya Hamad

Listen to Maya Hamad’s podcast, or read below, as she answers four questions about the firms’ year long journey so far, covering insights on how it all started and the biggest challenges she’s faced. She also shares her advice on starting up a business. In its first year, the marketing firm has successfully completed over 100 projects with 12 customers, from 4 different countries, and managed to offer job opportunities for 8 creative talents from 5 different countries. The firm strives to leave a positive impact on people, businesses and society, while ensuring that when doing business, they use their creativity with a purpose! Emoteyes is a full-fledged marketing firm that specializes in a variety of services such as Content Marketing, Branding, Internal Communications, Email & SMS marketing, Public Relations, Social Media Marketing and Website Development.

What has been your biggest motivation throughout this past year? “My biggest motivation is my passion to run my business. I’m doing something that I love, something with passion. We put creativity into all that we do so that it serves a purpose. Our biggest mission is to leave a positive impact on people, on businesses, and our society as a whole.” What has been the highlight of your year running Emoteyes? “Definitely the success we’ve experienced in this past year! In our first 12 months, we’ve worked with 12 customers from four different countries. We’ve delivered over 100 projects. I’m also proud that we were able to create job opportunities for different creative talents from different parts of the world. This past years’ success wouldn’t have been possible without the passion and great team work from team Emoteyes and I’m excited to find out what our future endeavors hold!” What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as a female entrepreneur? “I never thought of it as the female entrepreneur and male entrepreneur. I think that every person has their own challenges no matter who they are, or where they are coming from. I took each day as an opportunity to learn something new and improve myself as a person. I challenged myself to learn faster, move faster, and learn to adapt faster. For this, I learned how to manage my time and energy better. The second challenge was doing business throughout the pandemic. Having to do business pitches in virtual meetings instead of face-to-face, having to support your team and understand your organization all through virtual team meetings. Working remotely was quite the challenge but we’ve learned to adapt to the new ways of working. Working remotely has definitely made clear communication an important factor within our team, so that we’re always aligned with what’s going on in each team members work schedule, pending and new tasks, ideas, etc.” In your opinion, when does one know when they’re ready to start their own business? “Everyone is different. We’re all looking for something different in life. Different goals and visions. And we’ve all got our own definition of success. In my opinion, if you feel that you have a solution to a problem that no business has found yet, or that you have value to add to society and to the market through your business, then go for it! For me, when I felt the above, I felt ready. I have something new to offer with Emoteyes and that’s to build deeper connections with people through many businesses. I want to emphasize that to achieve real and ongoing success in your business, you first need to build trust and familiarity around your brand. Once you win their hearts, your business will always be successful. This is why we place so much emphasis on humanizing brands. You need to show people that you relate to what they’re going through, what the world is going through, and then provide them with a solution or simply just talk about it on your social media channels. Support their needs, support the courses they support. This is how you connect with your audience.” ​ For more information about Emoteyes, visit