Getting to Know MARG: From Writing Free Form Poetry to Making Her Own Music, Here’s All You Need to Know about the Young Independent Artist and her Latest Singles

"It's crazy to think about where my head was at then vs now. I still think this is so cliché to say but music and I for-sure found each other. I use it as an emotional outlet mostly and it's really cool to look back at my past projects and remember certain periods of my life. It started off kind of as a hobby until my first album was released when I was 16 or 17, I realized this was the career path I wanted.” - MARG

Margarita, popularly known by her stage name MARG, is a singer-songwriter and recording artist from Burbank, California who has been in love with music since childhood.

With her dad being a musician, music has always been a part of MARG’s life growing up. She was part of an Orchestra, took piano lessons at a very young age, and slowly began writing her own songs. “My writing kind of started as free form poetry before I taught myself the guitar and started adding melodies,” shared MARG, “The first song I ever wrote and released was ‘PEACE (Without You)’”

While making music was just a hobby at first for a MARG, it wasn’t until the release of her first EP at the age of 16/17 when she realized that being an artist was the career path she truly wanted to pursue. Her latest music project began last year with the release of several singles, namely, “Think You Like it When I’m Gone,” “Maybe,” “Full 180’s,” “Promise Me,” “Happy Place,” and “Karma.” Her most recent single, “YHMH” was released in August 2022. She went on to say, “YHMH is an acronym for ‘You Hate Me How.’ I feel like this latest single is the one that’s the most like my previous works. It’s kind of a nostalgic fantasy vibe. It’s about romanticizing a partner you long for. You kind of ascend and leave them in 3D,” MARG explains, “I imagine myself with huge angel wings when I’m singing it.”

All MARG’s music can be found on streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

Reminiscing on her earlier experiences, MARG shared that her connection with music and lyrics had always been an emotional one and it showed in her own lyrics when she started writing. She went on to say, “I remember getting super melodramatic and ‘sad girl vibes’ when I listened to music when I was younger and it definitely showed when I first started writing. It’s crazy to think about where my head was at then versus now. I still think this is so cliché to say but music and I for sure found each other. I use it mostly as an emotional outlet and it's really cool to look back at my past projects and remember certain periods of my life.”

The young independent artist also shared that she pulls inspiration from different experiences. “I don’t really force inspiration. I write based off experiences, whether they’re mine or not,” shared MARG, “I like to tell my friends who stress about writing that they need to experience to be able to express or create. So traveling, dating, friendships, I take inspiration from everything.”

For MARG, the most challenging part about being a singer-songwriter has been working with people in the past who haven’t been genuine and who weren’t driven by the right things. “The older I get, the more I realize I can’t trust everyone who is nice. Especially in this industry, people want something from you most of the time.” shared MARG, “I am lucky to have an amazing support system filled with genuine friends and family.”

The highlight of MARG’s career has been receiving messages from fans and listeners saying that her music has helped them get through tough times. In addition to music, MARG also enjoys photography, fashion, beauty, and anything creative. She also enjoys traveling, visiting new places, food, and being in the ocean, which she also describes as her favorite place to be!

Our Favorite Questions

Do you have any advice or words of encouragement to share with those working on becoming singer-songwriters?

“BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Don’t think too much, just go go go. Flow with it. Have fun with it. There's probably a reason that you’re interested in it.”

Can you describe your music in three words?

“Vibey, purrrrr, iconic.”

Are there any musical artists you look up to?

“I really love Lana Del Rey, duh. SZA, doja cat, Ariana grande. I'm a pop girl!”

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