Maha Al-Shunaifi: On her Journey up the Corporate Ladder in The Kingdom

"A leader should not be content with what they have achieved, and should always strive to attain more progress and continue to learn more from the experiences of others including.”
– Maha Al-Shunaifi

With over 10 years of experience in her field, Maha Alshunaifi describes the communication industry as her lifelong passion. She has successfully directed many communications initiatives, brand campaigns, high impact PR and marketing. Her remarkable positions in various local and international organizations have earned her the notable position of the Director of Corporate Communications in her current company.

Her main inspiration lies behind the leadership figures in the Kingdom, and their mission in transforming Saudi Arabia into one of the world’s leading nations and their efforts in empowering women by providing them with opportunities to become the best in their fields.Maha also admires her team of professionals who push her to do her best every day. In such a dynamic industry, Maha keeps herself updated with the industry’s latest developments so that she continues to grow in her field. She continued to say, “I also continue to pursue challenges beyond my comfort zone to make sure I am always growing and learning towards becoming an effective and influential leader in my own field of expertise”.

When it comes to her team, she keeps them motivated through inclusion and recognition of their efforts and contributions to the company. They value their employees and recognize that the success of the company depends on their people, and this is constantly communicated within the organization. Maha said that this was especially relevant during the COVID-19 period: “We reassured our employees of their key role in overcoming the challenges posed by the pandemic, giving them a sense of stability and security, which ultimately enabled us to navigate the crisis effectively”.

When asked about the most important traits she looks for when hiring new employees, she said she seeks those whose values and career goals are aligned with her vision for the company, and whose expertise and talent will contribute to its growth.

Balancing between family, health and work

​With such an important job role, Maha ensures a good balance between her family, health and work life. She manages her time effectively, prioritizes tasks and ensures that her attention is where it needs to be at that given time. ​ Maha AlShunaifi’s plans to continue her climb in the communication industry and shared her next steps for her career: “My goal is to further enhance my marketing and communication skills where I will be able to utilize my knowledge to serve my company and country.”

In her opinion, the most important attributes that a leader should have is the flexibility to learn, adapt and grow in their career, all while leading with strong communication skills to ensure that there are aligned efforts towards reaching the company’s goals. “They should also share their valuable knowledge and expertise, and guide others in their own career journeys to be true leaders driving change”

Her advice to young women aspiring to climb up the corporate ladder is to always seize the opportunity to build a strong female presence within leadership and influential positions.

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