Lisa Perruzza: Redefining Joy Through Her Artwork

“My art is an intuitive improvisation of nature, taken from my experience when I explore new environments, and from my immediate surroundings.”
- Lisa Perruzza, Artist and Founder of Lisa Perruzza Art.

"My true calling in life was to create art, to be expressive and bold and share my creativity with the world" At just two years old, Lisa Perruzza had loved creating art. Residing in Australia, she takes her inspiration from the many forms of nature that surrounds her everyday. She went on to say, “From the wonder of the gardens of coral under the waves, to the seasonal changes in the trees and flowers. There is beauty in nature's design all around to inspire me.”

Though art has always been her passion, Lisa chose a different career path and had neglected her true calling for many years. She started up her own online store, “Lisa Perruzza Art”, in 2021 after remembering the encouraging words of her late mother.

“In 2021 I turned the same age as my mother when she passed away. She said ‘Lisa you have a talent don’t waste it’ and I knew I had to stop holding myself back from achieving my goals for myself and for my mother. She was my biggest supporter.”, shared Lisa. Through Lisa Perruza Art, she creates work that brings joy to herself and the collector, "I want people to simply enjoy the work and let it compliment their space". Lisa first started showcasing her work at independent and solo shows before utilizing social media to represent her work. She described gaining recognition as an artist without gallery representation as daunting, limiting and disheartening. Today with the dominance of social media platforms, she went on to say, "Before you could be visible to the world it was difficult to actively achieve any growth or establish a following without gallery representation. Today you can have a global reach by self-representing". Lisa’s favorite part about being an artist is that she has the freedom to be expressive and to experiment. In her free time, she enjoys travelling and experiencing new countries, cultures, and cuisines. She also enjoys cooking and exploring art galleries and museums. "The biggest challenge is not being creative, but running the business", says Lisa Perruzza. Just like many of us, self-doubt begins to kick in when starting something new, however, Lisa has overcome this fear by just starting the process. She went on to say, “On the other side of fear I found my true self”. Though she has her online store up and running, Lisa wishes to open a studio space one day, an open space where she can showcase her work and where collectors can view all her art pieces. Those interested in viewing and purchasing a creative piece from Lisa Perruza Art can contact Lisa through her website at

Our Favorite Questions

Is there any artist whom you admire and look up to? "I admire many current and past artists for various reasons. Austrian Artist, Friedrich Hundertwasser for his vibrant use of colour and organic forms. His work has energy and such vibrance. Henri Matisse for flattened forms and decorative pattern, the simplicity yet bold expression in his collages."

What is your favourite thing about being an artist? "The freedom to be expressive, to experiment. I love getting lost in my work. The day whizzes by and it gives me a real sense of purpose, creating joy and giving joy to others." What advice do you have for those aspiring to become a recognized artist? "Build a body of work, set up your social accounts, engage with other artists, take some art classes, just start as you never know where the journey will take you."

As an artist, how do you stay inspired and motivated? "By getting outside and experiencing nature. There is always something to observe."

“If you love what you do then I believe you have succeeded” - Lisa Perruzza

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