Transformation through energy healing

“What is valuable for me is that every coaching experience I have with a client is a healing and expansion moment for me too”
– Lana Maher

Lana Maher, a Life and Heart Energy Healing Coach, passionately accompanies her clients on their journey towards healing and transformation.

The beginning of her journey started with the epiphany that she wanted to help people, without realising that soon this desire would become her reality. A few weeks later, Lana found her calling when a friend told her about her plans to travel and take a life coaching course. Lana went on to say: “That moment felt like the light bulb that lights up”.

After discovering that the institute to take the course exists in Dubai where Lana had stayed at the time, she followed her instinct and worked toward getting certified to strengthen her coaching skills. “From the first hour I was in that chair, in that circle, and in that fundamentals module classroom, I felt pretty comfy”.

Today, as a certified Life and Heart Energy Healing coach, Lana provides all her clients with a full loving space, where she can connect with their hearts.

“With the experience of my clients of their own lives and through life coaching techniques, energy building and healing experiences, we polish up their heart wishes from all the fears and bring clarity around it”.

What she finds most valuable about her job, is the mutual healing she experiences with her clients.

What Lana found most challenging about her journey, was choosing clients who are committed to themselves. “It is tough sometimes when a client isn’t focused on themselves and not putting themselves as a priority for that moment in their lives”.

Whenever this happened, she used to feel as if though she’d failed as a healing coach. She overcame this challenge through the acceptance of her own efforts, and realised that overthinking only made her feel as if though she were not good enough.

When asked what she’d like to change in her life, Lana said she wishes to “have lighter and more colourful clothes in her wardrobe”, and that she desires to live in nature outside of the city. She went on to say that she is in the process of making both wishes come true.

“I don’t see passion as something to have. Passion is a way of doing things” – Lana Maher.

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