Lama Hourani: The Woman Behind Some of the Finest Jewelry Designs

"Believe in yourself, and know that your values and strengths of character are your pillars not your defect" - Lama Hourani

Starting her career at just 20 years old, Lama Hourani has always had a passion for art and jewelry. The successful jewelry designer was always mesmerized by her mom’s collection of silver Bedouin jewelry and as a teenager, decided to start making her own jewelry.

​Inspired by prehistoric art and cave drawings, Lama created her first jewelry collection with the guidance of a silversmith who taught her the foundations of making jewelry. She opened a tiny showroom in her mom’s art gallery to showcase her handcraft, where her jewelry sold out successfully. Proud and amazed by this success, it made her realize how many people connect with her jewelry and continued to embed cultural and artistic references in her silver line, with the aim to connect the Middle East to the rest of the world while promoting art and personal identity, all through her jewelry.

​Though jewelry design has always been her passion, Hourani’s art and product design background did not limit her to doing just this. Her ambition has allowed her to work in other fields of product design, where she has curated art collections for homes, designed furniture pieces and various art objects.

Lama Hourani’s jewelry line is now a “Glocal” brand (Globally Local) and she summarizes her fine jewelry line as “20 years of knowing my clients”. What makes her jewelry different from the rest is that it’s all about storytelling, with each collection being inspired by her own traveling experiences around the world. Lama also uses her influence to empower under-privileged women by working with them in her workshop, where she inspires them to enhance their skills and move forward towards being financially independent and successful.

Starting out at just 20 years old, many people doubted her ability because of her age. However, from this, Hourani learned that it’s all about going after what you want in life and working towards that.

As an entrepreneur, her advice to those aspiring to start up their own business is to believe in yourself, and know that your values and strengths of character are your pillars, not your defect.

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