Hannah Rasekh: Enabling the Sustainable Fashion Movement

"There is nothing I regret or anything I’d go back and change. I trust my journey and wouldn’t be here where I am without its ups and downs."
- Hannah Rasekh

A fashion editor, entrepreneur, and a change-maker by heart. Her entrepreneurial journey started in Amman, Jordan, where she founded her first fashion boutique “The Rail”. After gaining attention in the regional fashion scene, the ambitious fashion editor decided to further her career in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where she found an opportunity to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Bloomingdale’s, Carolina Herrera, and Sisly Paris.

​With sustainability being at the heart of everything she does, it has come to Hannah’s attention that the fashion industry could be generating an ample amount of waste, thus making an impact on the earth's environment. In addition to this, the negative influence that the industry has on the minds of young people, who are trying to keep up with the latest trends of the fast-paced fashion industry, also concerned her.

Harnessing the power of social media, Hannah now uses her online channels to educate her followers to be mindful in the way they consume fashion products – to consume for longevity. She also encourages them to nurture their own personal style, and to create capsule wardrobes that are versatile and can stand the test of time.

​True to herself, she remains mindful about which brands she supports and promotes, as she only collaborates with those who align with her values and mission.

"Authenticity & Genuineness​" - Hannah’s secret recipe to success!

When Hannah decided to advocate a more sustainable fashion lifestyle, she questioned whether her followers would relate to it or not, as she has always been known as a lifestyle influencer.

Later, she was pleasantly surprised by how much they’ve developed and how their journeys have changed. Though she realizes that declining projects that provide reach is challenging, her passion to continue creating meaningful content that help people make a change was her ultimate priority.

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