Ellen Weigall Brings a New Taste to Premium Gin with her Award Winning Pink Gin Brand, "BABY"

“BABY’s driving principals are to unapologetically be yourself, proving to the market, and to any woman in business that you don’t need to sacrifice your femininity to be taken seriously. There’s nothing wrong with being feminine, and you don’t need to fit a masculine mold to be seen as more premium.”
-Ellen Weigall

Ellen Weigall, founder of Australia’s newest and international award winning premium gin, BABY Pink Gin, has given gin lovers a new perspective on what premium pink gin should look and taste like!

A gin lover herself, Ellen realized she wanted to start up her own gin brand when she found she couldn’t connect with any existing gin brand on the market. “As I was coming into my early 20’s, the gin boom was really starting to happen in Australia, which meant distilleries were popping up like never before,” shared Ellen, “I began loving and appreciating gin for the first time but I didn’t quite feel a connection with these brands like I’d prefer. By this I mean the branding, packaging, and messaging didn’t feel like it was speaking to me, a girl who wanted to drink something both pretty and premium.”

BABY Pink Gin is the only 100% female owned spirits company in Australia. BABY stands out with its bright pink coloring and attractive feminine packaging. What makes it different from other pink gin brands is that it's completely sugar and gluten free, vegan friendly, and stays pink when it’s mixed! Ellen went on to say, “When we distill the gin it comes out clear, all gin does. We then add a natural and vegan friendly colorant that will ensure BABY stays pink for years on end,” Ellen shared, “This makes it easy for home drink lovers and bartenders to easily create some great tasting and looking cocktails with BABY! Even something as simple as a G&T looks fabulously pink!”

BABY’s name is inspired by everything it means to be feminine. “BABY as a brand is all about being unapologetically feminine, so the word BABY perfectly encompasses this,” shares Ellen, “It also plays on the fact that it becomes baby pink in color when mixed, plus, it’s a cute and easy to remember name which stands out from the other more masculine gin brands by look and name.”

Ellen describes BABY as more than an alcohol and lifestyle brand. “For me it’s a platform for conversation about women’s issues from a younger, feminist perspective,” shares Ellen, “BABY’s driving principals are to unapologetically be yourself, proving to the market and to any woman in business that you don’t need to sacrifice your femininity to be taken seriously. There’s nothing wrong with being feminine and you don’t need to fit a masculine mold to be seen as more premium!”

Although there are a variety of gin cocktail recipes available on BABY’s website, Ellen advises mixing BABY with a premium tonic, ice, and a sprig of rosemary! She also encourages her customers and bartenders to share their own unique recipes.

The Most Challenging and Best Part about Ellen’s Entrepreneurial Journey

“I created the BABY brand from a marketing and consumer perspective, but I had no experience in the distilling or production side of things,” shared Ellen, “It took me many months before I found the perfect production partner.”

Eventually, the ambitious business owner found a production partner that understood her vision and helped bring it to life. BABY gin has received multiple international spirits awards such as the Silver medal at the Melbourne International Spirits Awards in 2020, another Silver award at The Gin Masters 2021 - Global Spirits, and most recently, a Bronze Medal at the prestigious International Wine and Spirits Competition.

Ellen’s highlighting moments in her business so far have been the growth ever since the launch. “It was a highlight to even get the product off the ground and see the first bottle, then to get it ranged in Australia’s biggest liquor retailers like Dan Murphys and BWS was insane!” shared Ellen, “Then we started entering and winning some of the biggest spirit awards in the world, so I’m lucky to have new highlights and defining moments all the time!”

Another defining moment for Ellen was meeting with David Vitale, founder of Starward Whiskey! Ellen went on to say, “I have to say, I wouldn’t be here without him and his extremely generous mentoring he has given me!”

Our Favorite Questions

What advice do you have for women aspiring to start up their own business one day?

“It’s definitely easier said than done, but just keep on believing in your Vision and don’t take everything at face value. If somebody says you can’t do something, it usually either means that THEY can’t do it, or they don’t want YOU to do it. If you have a proven concept, go for it, often the people who can help you, won’t, but the kind and generous people will always be the most successful, I try to always genuinely help others when I can, with advice or putting them in contact with people. Having a group of supportive and fun women around you always helps, especially in business, always take the time to meet people, network and go to events even when you don’t feel like it, something usually comes from those meetings further down the track!”

Do you plan to extend BABY’s product line and create different gin flavors?

“At this stage we plan to keep our line quite tight with our first product, BABY Pink Gin itself. However we are currently working on a range of pre-mixers which we hope to release for Australia’s Summer (November-ish). This will make it so much easier for BABY fans to bring BABY wherever they go.”

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