Areej Mohammed: Realizing Her Passion to Become a TV Presenter

“I worked hard and made sure that every environment I was in, appreciated me and guided me towards the right path”
- Areej Mohammed.

As a child, Areej Mohammed always knew she was different in how she expressed her thoughts out loud. She always admired celebrities and public figures, and saw them as lucky to have a public platform where they can use their influence to either make a change or openly voice their opinion. Moreover, her family and friends always saw her as one to have her own talk show one day to voice her opinions, spread her wisdom and represent her different personality traits. Before realising that it was media that she wanted to go into, her educational journey started off in law and politics in the United Kingdom, but she soon found that this was not where her passion lied. Thereafter, she decided to relocate to Dubai where she completed a major in Media, PR and Journalism. Mohammed described this as “the best decision she has ever made”. Her career started with the role of a producer assistant, where for three years, she learned and developed herself into the woman she is today. With the encouragement of her boss, she did several courses that prepared and guided her towards being a presenter. She became inspired after seeing her first promo and advertisement air on television for the first time, and continued to pursue her career as a presenter. ​ The moment Mohammed realised that she had the courage to be in the media world, was when she attended her first Cannes film festival. Being on the red carpet and surrounded by so many celebrities who had the privilege of showing their talent and voicing their opinion to the media was an inspiring experience for her. She wanted to be able to do the same – to have a public platform to touch the hearts of many people.

“The fact that you’re constantly open to the public eye is on its own something that will forever make you stand out from any other job in the world”

- Areej Mohammed. Today, Areej Mohommed is a TV presenter and producer. She is one of the main hosts for Thentein W Nos, a show that discusses latest sports news. Mohammed also hosts a show called Alkass Digital, where she interviews international athletes and footballers. Because of constant travelling and experiencing so many cultures, Areej Mohammed described the most challenging part of her career as adapting to so many cultures while staying grounded within her own. Her secret recipe to success is being open to criticism and the perspectives of others. The rising TV presenter advises others to never allow criticism to affect your performance, but rather let it build you.

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