Aparna Singh, Soaring through Her Journey as a Published Author

“Writing comes naturally to me. It is a stressbuster. I believe my thoughts are very complex on numerous things in life and I’m not sure if I can communicate them verbally and so I choose to put down my thoughts and unexplainable emotions creatively. This is what inspires me when I’m writing”
–Aparna Singh

“Ever since I developed my interest and passion in writing, I desired to be a published author. I’ve always wanted to tell stories, use words as a medium of my creative inventiveness and explore my craft through various genres”. Aparna Singh, from Patna, North India, published her first book at the age of 18. Growing up, she loved reading and collected various story books that brought her the most joy as a child.

Her interest in writing developed in the sixth grade when she had to write a poem as a class assignment. They were encouraged to be inspired by the title of a poem in their English text book. “I still remember that the poem given in the book was titled, “Cows on the beach”, written by Matthew Sweeney. The teacher had asked us to replace cows with some other word and so the first poem I ever wrote was titled, “Ghosts on the Beach.” I must have been eleven or twelve years old then.”Published in 2019, her book “Cupcakes and Rainbow” is a collection of 23 poems. The poems written in her book were written on various occasions of her life between the years of 2017, 2018, and 2019. She went on to say: “The theme and narrative of each poem varied from love to heartbreak to friendship, to putting out my feelings as ayoung, eighteen year old, who was trying to figure out what her future holds for her, what it feels like to be young and lost at times and finding my own ground and individuality”. Passing its two year anniversary, Aparna can still remember typing her poems out on her old computer and doing thousands of edits before sending the final manuscript to the publisher like it was yesterday. Overwhelmed with happiness, Aparna’s first book was a great success and was included amongst the top 100 selling books on Amazon for almost two months.

“The support was humongous. My friends, my classmates, my school and even my teachers showed a lot of appreciation and support to me. I felt fortunate”. She described the moment as one of her happiest in her life. Aparna’s inspiration comes from her thoughts and emotions and her idea’s come from random words and phrases that cross her mind. “Sometimes, a certain word, phrase or a line comes to my mind and I immediately note it down or record it in my phone. And at majority of times that one word or one line leads to a full-fledged poem, write up or even a short story”.When it comes to experiencing writers block, Aparna allows it to naturally fade away as she takes it as the minds way of telling her it needs to relax and create more space for creativity. She advises other writers who have been experiencing writers block for a bit too long to ease back into it by taking a few minutes before bed or in the morning to write a few lines in your journal until you feel you’re finally recovered from writers block. Apart from reading and writing, Aparna’s other hobbies include sketching. As entertainment, she enjoys listening to music and watching drama series and movies on Netflix. She is also currently enrolled in a five year integrated law program. Along with her law degree, Aparna will continue writing as she desires to publish more books in the future. In fact, her second poetry book and debut novel are scheduled to be published in 2022. Aparna’s advice to aspiring authors is: “Don’t rush and do not leave a story midway if you’ve begun writing one. Complete it. You may not be satisfied with the first draft of your story, it need not be your best work, but by the end of it you will have a structure to improve upon. All throughout this journey from being a mere writer to becoming a published author have faith in yourself and belief in your ability to excel”.

Our Favorite Questions

If you were to focus on one specific genre, what would it be? “If I’ve to stick to only one genre of writing for a lifetime then it’d be fiction. Writing fiction is like painting on a bare vast canvas where you can choose any one or various colors of your choice and then go on to paint any pattern or design in any shape or size you like on to that canvas. I really enjoy that fiction offers freedom; freedom to imagine, freedom to think, freedom to choose and freedom to rule” As an author yourself, what do you think makes a good story? “A story that can make me move from within is in my opinion a good story. Even after I finish reading that book, the story and characters stay in my head for a while, I guess that is what a good story does to a reader. The aftermath of reading that book should be impactful enough to make the readers think and/or the plot and characters should have the ability to latch onto the soul of the reader, based on what the book is about”

In your opinion, how can one become a better writer? “Practice. Practice makes a man perfect. If you intend to write better then you should also intend to read better and practice writing regularly. So, read, write and repeat. Don’t take any short cuts and don’t force a story out of yourself. Let it flow naturally. Just trust your own personal process of becoming a better writer and then you’ll be good to go” Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers? “To the readers, I offer my gratefulness for taking out time and reading this interview. I’m sure most of you reading this have dreams that you’re passionate about. Go after them, trust yourself, invest in your journey towards achieving your goals and don’t ever allow anyone to invalidate your aspirations and vision of yourself. Remember that, “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a purpose and tie it to a goal.” Happy Reading until we meet again” “If you intend to write better then you should also intend to read better and practice writing regularly. So, read, write and repeat.” –Aparna Singh

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