Anna Karkar: Co-founder and CEO of Pixpops Describes Her Career Path as “Gut-Driven.”

“Persistence is vital, and for you to be persistent, you must love your business”
– Anna Karkar

After completing her master's in Education Science, Anna spent seven adventurous years with Emirates Airlines traveling the world. Anna knew she wanted to become an entrepreneur after settling down in Sweden and wanted to be in charge of her own free time.

Apart from a business owner, Anna is a mother and wife too. Juggling between her business and her family was quite challenging at the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey, but eventually, she found the perfect balance for it – ideally, she would like to dedicate four-power-hours a day to Pixpops and the rest of the day spent with her family and nurturing her passion for cooking.

The idea of Pixpops, a digital printing service, was inspired by the fact that Anna and her husband could not find a convenient and affordable way to print and frame their wedding photos. She also adds that she has always had a passion for photography, stating that it connects her three obsessions: cooking, home decorating, and traveling.

The most challenging part about Pixpops was building the perfect product. Pixpops are in the business of turning their customer's memories into stunning wall art. The frames' quality has to be worthy of their memories, and for Anna to get that quality while balancing the costs was the biggest challenge. After trying out numerous factories around Europe, testing sample after sample, she eventually found her ideal partner and finally created their product – the Pixpops Tile.

Anna’s favourite & challenging part about her business

What she enjoys most about running her own business is that she gets to contribute to other people's happiness. Anna explains, "We are turning our customer's memories into beautiful art that they get to enjoy every day. Most of our customers buy these tiles as gifts sending their parents pictures of their grandkids, wedding photos, and other wonderful family moments. It just warms my heart, and if I can contribute to others' happiness, it is a job worth striving for."

One key learning area that she picked up from her business is that building your social media community is vital before launching your product. It will save you a ton of money and ensure a more successful product launch.

Delivering on a brand's promise has to be the hardest thing about starting a business. As a brand, you never stop delivering on your promise, and this entails everything including the product, the marketing, and the tech. This becomes challenging when you have started a company using your funds, as the industry calls it "boot-strapped". It takes a lot of persistence and a steep learning curve before you start getting it right.

Anna advises young women aspiring to start their own business one day not to let the fear of failure hold them back. Keep pushing until you see results!

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