Ahoo Beauty, Bringing Confidence to her Clients through Professional Makeup and Fashion Style Coaching

"The little secret about art is that it’s like an ocean: It never ends. Creativity is the key to standing out and showing your own personality and style in every little detail, whether it’s in makeup, fashion, or painting." - Ahoo Beauty

Ahoo, an entrepreneur, makeup artist, and fashion style coach based in Dubai has always had a love for all things art! From drawing and painting to jewelry and fashion designing, creativity has always been a part of her since childhood.

Born in Kuwait, Ahoo took most of her inspiration from her parents growing up, who taught her a lot about art and business. With her dad being in the gold-manufacturing business, he would often design a few jewelry pieces himself. Ahoo would watch him draw and he would encourage her to design a few pieces herself and share her ideas for kids jewelry. She later enrolled in art school where her passion for art grew, and completed an architecture course at university.

Ahoo’s journey in fashion, styling, and makeup began when she attended a fashion design school in Dubai. She went on to say, “While attending fashion design college, I worked at my mother’s real estate company. I admired her success as a business woman and began learning more about business. During this time, I also worked as a part-time artist with Italian artist, Luchi. We painted art on the walls of royal houses and shopping malls!” recalled Ahoo.

Ambitiously, Ahoo enrolled in a few makeup and style coaching courses. After gaining much experience, she began her entrepreneurial journey in fashion styling and makeup.

“I started it on Instagram and was lucky to get connected with some Arab celebrities and royal families from Kuwait and the UAE” she shared.

What Ahoo enjoys most about her business is seeing the joy her makeup brings to her clients. She went on to say, “I love sharing happiness and doing makeup for brides and others gives me the best feeling. Seeing the smile on their faces is the best gift to my soul!”

Ahoo also aims to bring confidence to her clients with bespoke clothing designs. “When it comes to styling my clients, I see it as a personal project. I need to read into their minds and personalities to design a style suited to them. Designing is not one size fits all” shared Ahoo, “Also, I aim to see one thing in their eyes, and that is confidence. Once I see this, I know I did a good job!”

The creative entrepreneur shared that her secret to attracting and keeping her clients lay in always putting her heart and soul into what she does and meeting their expectations. She went on to say, “I thank God that I’ve never had unhappy clients. Call it luck or call it a blessing, but I know that you get what you put out. The energy we have inside us is what we attract. Creativity is just a bonus!”

Ahoo is also excited to share that she is currently in the process of creating her own skincare and beauty line! While launch day has not been confirmed yet, she is working hard at achieving this next goal and reaching her business to greater heights!

The challenging and best parts about Ahoo’s entrepreneurial journey

Although her biggest goal has always been to run her own business, transitioning into the entrepreneurial world has had its challenging moments. Being quite the reserved person growing up, getting people to believe in her passion and work without advertising has been what Ahoo described as “a lot of work.” She went on to say, “I’ve always just wanted my work to speak for itself instead of me advertising and speaking about my work.” Ahoo also shares that her daily challenges as a full time entrepreneur is being a mom of two kids. However, she takes pride in the fact that her kids can watch and learn from her, just like how her own mom raised her as a kid. “I’ve always wanted to run my own business. My mom taught me to be my own boss so that was my biggest goal to achieve and to not give up, so my kids can learn the same.” shared Ahoo.

Her favorite part about what she does is experimenting with different colors and getting creative which allows her mind to keep exploring and learning. She also loves that she can help others with the work that she does.

Our Favorite Questions

Do you have any business/entrepreneurial advice to share with women aspiring to startup their own business one day?

“Pray and believe in yourself and your God. He created us and I believe each and every person can do anything they want only if they really want to. Our thoughts are our only limitation that can make us believe that we can’t do it, or ‘I’m too young or I’m too old.’ You need to believe in yourself, set achievable goals, and take little steps. Once you take first steps, set another goal and start finding ways to achieve it. Don’t work just for income, work because you love to do what you do. Start from your home or whatever you have around you or within you, and you will soon start earning an income from it.”

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

“I smile now just by thinking about it! I love horseback riding, painting, and having quality time with my family are always my favorite. I’ve been doing horseback riding since I was a kid and it instantly connected with my soul. I think horses are one of the most beautiful animals in the world.”

Is there anything else you would like to share?

“Something I always love to say is to have consistency in all that you do. Whatever you start doing, make sure you have peace with yourself so that you start planning with a clear mind. Writing it down is very important. If you’re unsure of what you want to do, make a list of the things that you like and mark the one you love doing the most. If your heart feels right about doing something, find ways to gain knowledge around that subject. There are millions of online free courses that you can learn from! Follow your dreams and don’t stop, no matter what!”

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