Adesua Oni: Passionately Helping Mothers through Their Pregnancy Journey and Nurses to Build Up Their Confidence

"Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but according to statistics, over 300,000 women die every year due to pregnancy-related complications. We aim to provide pregnant women with support for a healthy pregnancy journey and smooth delivery of their baby."
- Adesua Oni, Founder of the Pregnancy Support Foundation

Adesua Oni, a registered nurse and midwife, and the founder of the Pregnancy Support Foundation and the Stepped-Up Nurse Academy, only realized her passion and love for nursing during her time as a student at the school of nursing. “Nursing was never my passion. As a young girl, I didn’t have a specific longing for any profession but I was sure I loved to speak, read books, and write,” shared Adesua, “My journey as a nurse began when my father brought me the form of entrance into the school of nursing, filled and submitted it himself. I went for the interview which was an unforgettable experience as I wowed my interviewers with stories about my family background.”

In 2006, Adesua started at the school of nursing, and in 2011, started her midwifery programme. “Starting the midwifery programme was exclusively my decision as I was simply in awe of the delivery process,” shared Adesua, “I had worked in a private hospital for six months as a registered nurse and then decided that assisting mothers to birth their babies everyday will be a fantastic idea!”

After graduating from the University College Hospital in Ibadan, Nigeria, Adesua is now a registered nurse and midwife with the Nursing Council of Nigeria. She has also obtained her Bachelor of Nursing Science degree in 2018 and now works with the federal government of Nigeria as a nurse.

The Founding of the Pregnancy Support Foundation and the Stepped-Up Nurse Academy

Adesua founded the Pregnancy Support Foundation in 2021. She went on to say, “Starting Pregnancy Support Foundation was God's idea, it dropped on my heart in the last days of January 2021. It was not so easy to accept the idea as I had never seen anyone do something like this and had no one to look up to.” After running her idea through with her husband and business coach, she gained the motivation and started the PSP in February 2021.

Adesua has also started the Stepped-Up Nurse Academy with the goal to help fellow registered nurses and student nurses “step-up” their nursing skills.

“The Stepped-up Nurse Academy is a place to mentor, coach and enlighten nurses and student nurses in ways that make them give their best to humanity, making extraordinary impact.” shared Adesua. She has also taught her academy members how to build up their confidence as a nurse.

In February 2022, Adesua and three fellow nurses taught more than 600 nurses why and how to use LinkedIn for personal development. In the month of March 2022, the academy will be running a four week mentoring session to teach nurses how to discover and use their nursing passions to positively impact others. Adesua shared, “I also intend to enlighten them about ways to make extraordinary income, and develop emotional intelligence for effectiveness in patient care.”

How the Pregnancy Support Foundation Supports Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but according to statistics, over 300,000 women die every year due to pregnancy-related complications. The Pregnancy Support Foundation aims to provide pregnant women with the support they need to ensure a healthy pregnancy journey and smooth delivery of their baby.

Adesua and volunteers provide physical, psychological, social, and spiritual support through social media groups and webinars. Adesua shared, “Presently, our Facebook group has 3200 members and counting. Daily, we share content on pregnancy health and delivery. As we cannot go from house to house delivering antenatal teachings, we figured reaching them online will help.”

They support pregnant women emotionally and psychologically by inviting them to privately speak out about any personal or emotional issues they might be experiencing during their pregnancy. Adesua went on to say, “I know a lot of women go through emotional issues that could be detrimental to their health in pregnancy.” The PSF provides spiritual support by sending out prayers to their social media group members. The foundation encourages a sound prayer life during the pregnancy journey and on the delivery day.

Pregnancy Complications and How to Avoid Them

“As your body goes through many changes during pregnancy, you’re at risk for several complications if you aren’t making the right health choices,” says Adesua. “With pregnancy, comes hormonal and physiological changes. Some complications are miscarriages, anaemia, eclampsia, pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, and preterm labour, amongst many other complications.”

In addition to the above complications, Adesua states that the complications related to the delivery of the baby are excessive bleeding, perinatal asphyxia, perineal tears, shoulder dystopia, labor dystopia, and cervical dystopia.

To avoid these complications, Adesua advises pregnant women to make the right health choices, and to have the right attitude towards seeking pregnancy health advice. She advised that anything that seems unusual should get immediate health care and should not be taken lightly. “It is advised that pregnant women register their pregnancy at an antenatal clinic before the fourth month and go for regular check-ups. This way, complications that might arise will be noticed and treated or controlled immediately,” shared Adesua.

Husbands / Dads-To-Be: How Can They Support in Maternal Health?

“Husbands are crucial pillars in the support women get in pregnancy,” shared Adesua. “They can care by assisting their pregnant wives with chores, psychological support, and praying for her daily to her hearing.”

The support pregnant women get from their partners contributes to a healthy and smooth pregnancy journey. The Pregnancy Support Foundation has their support groups open to men too so that they can also get educated on pregnancy and how to support and care for their pregnant partners.

Our Favorite Questions

What is your favorite part about what you do?

“I love coaching, speaking and mentoring. I feel fulfilled when I see a Stepped-up Nurse do something amazing e.g. deliver a health talk or webinar, encouraging another soul or break out into her passion area.”

Do you have any words of advice for our readers or moms-to-be?

“I have said so much but I will like to add that we should all make God the center of all we do. He alone can help us ensure a happy ending in life's journey.”

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