Why You Should Advertise with blakINwite Digital Magazine

Advertising is an essential part of your marketing plan. It plays a vital role in reaching your targeted customers.

However, reaching your targeted customers is not an easy task. It needs some strategies set up to reap the advertising campaign rewards.

Generally, any advertising campaign has three primary advertising plans: to inform, persuade, and remind.

Informative Advertising:

The main objective of informative advertising is to create brand, product, and service awareness amongst customers. Advertisers usually use this strategy for new brands or new ideas. In this phase, they try to reach the customers who would possibly be willing to try a product or service or to attract new groups who are interested in new ideas. Advertising campaigns aim to inform, explain, or educate people about the attributes and benefits of using the new product or service.

Persuasive Advertising:

This advertising campaign aims to convince customers of the product or service. Advertisers attempts to alter customers' perception of something specific to persuade customers to try a new product, switch from one brand to another, and remain loyal to the brand. It is a complicated task and takes time, and you need to exert effort to position your brand or service.

In this type of advertising, customers are familiar with the brand and can recall its name. Advertising in this stage plays on emotion, peer pressure, or social proof. It emphasizes the importance of using the product or service, and the disadvantages of being without it.

Reminder Advertising:

This is also known as retentive advertising. In this stage, customers know the brand well, and the awareness is already established. However, this type of advertising encourages and reminds customers about the need for a product or service or introduces new life or theme into existing campaigns.

According to the insight, the average person sees up to 10,000 advertisements every single day. But how many of these advertisements may the person remember with this tremendous number?

Hence, advertising in the right place to reach the right person at the right time is the appropriate approach that business owners should know and work with.

At Emoteyes, we launched blakINwite, a digital magazine that supports and empowers women's work. In the phase of expanding the work of empowering women, we launched advertising services in the magazine to help business owners reach their targeted customers and increase brand awareness.

In a short space of time, blakINwite has received many requests for advertising on its website due to the variety of audience cultures on the website.

blakINwite addresses and reaches out to women from different parts of the world. It is an excellent opportunity to create brand awareness and increase your customer base. However, we do have geographical advertising to guarantee that your advertisement appears only to your targeted customers.

Our advertising packages are affordable and suitable for all types of businesses from small-medium businesses, and startups.

Khulan Davaadorj, founder of multi-award-winning organic skincare brand, Lhamour, Aminah Musa, chief design officer and co-founder of Paliroots, a Palestinian clothing brand, and Paws & Fashion, a dog wear online store located in the USA, are some examples of brands we’ve worked with.

We succeed when we achieve and deliver success to others.

So, what are you waiting for?

Activate the informative stage of your advertising campaign to increase your brand awareness. Contact us to spread your ads on our website and social media.

We want to help you take your business to the next level.