Meditation Tips for Beginners

Meditation has been practiced for many years by certain religions, and has become quite prominent in today’s age. Today, many people practice meditation for therapeutic purposes as it is known to reduce stress, anxiety, and better emotional health. Many have also found that meditation enhances their concentration, self-discipline and self-awareness, and even their sleeping patterns.

Below, we’ll explore five quick meditating tips for beginners:

Find a quiet spot with minimum distractions. Meditation requires your full attention and focus.

Get into a comfortable sitting position, in a quiet spot; one that you know you’ll feel comfortable in for several minutes without moving.

Set a time limit. As a beginner, it’s advised to start with shorter sessions of up to 10 - 15 minutes. Once you become better at it, your focus will increase and you’ll be able to do longer sessions.

Set a schedule for a certain time of day every day. Choose a time in your day when you have the least distractions and when you’re alone. Perhaps during your lunch break, or if you’re a parent, while the kids are out at school or other extra-curricular activities.

Whilst meditating, focus on your breathing by taking slow, deep breaths as you clear your mind from the clutter. To have our thoughts drift away to something else while doing this is normal, so if this happens, redirect your focus unto your breathing and you’ll feel the shift from your worries.

Finding a way to destress is important in today’s times as we undergo many of life’s challenges and changes, and meditation has been voted as one of the best techniques to do this for many years. Go on and give it a try!