Dear Mompreneur: How to Balance Between Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

Dear mompreneur, as we enter the month of celebrating women and mothers, we thought that sharing some advice on balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship or a busy work-life is essential.

We all know the daily stresses of life on top of meeting work deadlines, running your household, and making sure the kids are all good can get a little tough. Applying these tips to your mom-life / work-life routine will have you feeling like a guilt-free supermom!

Set apart family time from work time

The most important part to finding the balance between work and motherhood is knowing when to set work aside to spend time with your family. Once you leave the office, make sure to leave all things work related at the office (especially the stress!). Sometimes, work stress and duties take up most of our headspace, which shifts our focus away from actually being present when we’re home. Once you’re home, spend those first few hours with your children, listening to what their day was like, preparing dinner, and importantly, having dinner together. They need your undivided attention. Once the dust settles and the kids are in bed, you’ll focus on your work duties and to-do list for the next day a lot better.

Hire a nanny or get a family member to help

As much as we’d like to, we can’t always manage to do everything by ourselves. Finding someone you can trust to take care of the kids will help a great deal. Sometimes, work projects require us to work overtime either at the office or at home, and having someone to help when you’re in this situation will make you feel relieved from extra duties and won’t make your kids feel neglected or unnoticed.

Make time for self-care and rest

Exhaustion can reach the point of feeling like you cannot attend to anything, whether it’s work or motherly duties. When exhaustion creeps in, take the time to rest, get away for a weekend, or simply take part in quick self-care activities such as visiting the spa, going for a walk, exercising, doing yoga, or anything you feel refuels your energy. We all need to recharge from time to time.

Create a plan for your daily duties and routine

Knowing what to do and when to do it will help you feel a lot more organized. Get yourself a calendar or planner and prioritize the most important work and family duties. Sort your to-do list into two parts - family to-do and work to-do - and be sure to separate the most important from the least important to avoid feeling like there is an overload of things to tend to in one day.

Think positively and get rid of guilt!

Guilt and negative self-talk about how you’re handling motherhood can easily creep in and make you feel like you’re doing a bad job. Keep telling yourself that you’re a supermom and avoid feeling guilty when you’re too busy. Making provisions and alternative arrangements when you have too much on your plate from work is nothing to feel bad about. At the end of the day, we need to thrive in our careers and work towards the success of our business to take care of our children, as long as we find the balance.

You’re doing great!