Fitness with Raya: 9 Tips on Staying Fit and Healthy

Raya Hatahet, a Taekwondo Olympian and certified fitness instructor, shares 8 of her favourite fitness tips!

The new year has kicked off to a great start, and it’s not too late to get started on a new fitness routine to reach that end of year body goals! Add these 9 tips to your daily routine to start establishing some new habits!

Stay hydrated.

Multiply your weight by 0.033 to know how many litres you need per day, for example, 60kg needs 2 litres of water

Sleep before 11 pm.

It’s great for your health and overall energy.

Move outside.

Hike, ride a bike, play tennis, walk. There's no better place to be than nature.

Pick up a new sport or sign up for a fitness class you haven't joined before.

You’ll meet new people and discover something new.

Take the stairs whenever you have an opportunity.

This helps to burn some extra calories and it brings your heart up.

Stretch daily.

This helps to keep your mind and body flexible.

Add something new to your workout routine to avoid boredom and plateaus.

Find a fitness friend.

They encourage you and can hold you accountable.

Eat what you love in moderation.

Food is a need and a pleasure, we shouldn't treat or punish.

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