Everyone Needs a Little Bit of Soul Searching

Life is a whirlwind of emotions and rollercoaster rides. It forces us to feel emotions we don’t want to feel, and takes us down undesirable roads. They say that these whirlwinds and rollercoaster rides are meant to bring the best out of us, to make us stronger and to teach us lessons, and I’m not here to disagree, because these are the things that make us realize a lot about ourselves, what we want and what we don’t want.

When we experience this, it’s important to do healthy things that’ll help us through this journey. Activities that’ll help us grow and learn more about ourselves – we call this soul searching.

Soul searching involves the various activities that’ll help us answer a lot of the questions we ask ourselves about our everyday lives, emotions, or the people around us.

It involves evaluating your life as a whole, learning more about yourself, your true passions, and what you truly want for yourself. It’s a process that needs to be done alone, as it involves spending more time with yourself – quiet time with minimal distractions.

What are some of the things one can do on the journey of soul searching? Let’s explore…

Practice mindfulness through meditation Mindful meditation allows you to get in touch with your feelings. It practices the acknowledgement, acceptance, and understanding of your thoughts and emotions while taking your mind off life’s troubles.

Evaluate your relationships Take a closer look at the people you have around you – your family relationships, friendships, romantic relationships, etc. – and ask yourself if the people closest to you are bringing out the best in you. Do they bring positivity or negativity into your life? Those who bring positivity, keep them around you. Those who bring negativity, distance yourself from them without holding any grudges.

Spend some time with yourself

There are many ways we can spend time with ourselves. Some people enjoy traveling, going to the spa or visiting restaurants by themselves, while others enjoy taking time to read, paint, or do some gardening. You don’t always need company to address what’s been on your mind. Trying to figure out what you want by yourself helps without being influenced by the thoughts or opinions of those around you on your situation.

Be active Exercising brings more than just a great body and a healthy heart; it also boosts your mood and minimizes your stress by giving you something else to focus on for a while. Do it alone or do it with a friend. Either way, being active will only benefit you in the long run!

Do something new or something you used to enjoy as a child Our busy lives often distract us from trying new things; acquiring new skills we’ve always wanted to try, or sometimes, distract us from our childhood passions. Reconnect with your childhood hobbies or acquire a new skill. This will help you figure out what you truly want and enjoy in life. Perhaps you could set new goals for yourself with these skills/hobbies.

It’s time to eliminate your distractions and focus more on finding yourself and on what makes you happy!