Don't Let Stress & Anxiety Get the Best of You

Here’s a fun fact about the mind: it can limit us and free us at the same time.

Many of the barriers and limitations we face in our lives, is a projection of our own fear and anxieties - it starts in our minds.

Anxieties come from an accumulation of stress, worries and negative experiences and thoughts, and its level or intensity can be influenced by daily stress factors such as heavy workload, poor communications, frustrations, coping with new situations, and the inability to rest and relax.

​Here are a few coping strategies you can try to help you handle stress and anxiety better:

Learn what triggers your anxiety.

Step back and look into your behavioral patterns. Identify the reasons that stress you or make you feel anxious.

Cut-out negative relationships.

Analyze your relationships, and identify the ones that make you feel low on energy or puts you down.

Take some time for yourself.

Go on a walk, inhale and exhale slowly, listen to music, meditate, get a massage, or learn a new hobby.

Create positive habits.

Eat healthier and regularly, sleep well, exercise.

Limit alcohol and caffeine intake.

This can trigger panic attacks.

Avoid perfectionism.

Be proud of what you’ve achieved already, no one is perfect.

Accept that you cannot control everything.

Realize your thoughts and know that it’s normal if things don’t always go the way you wish.

Maintain a positive life.

Work hard to replace negative thoughts and feelings with positive ones.

Have deep conversations.

Talk about how you feel to friends, family or even a therapist.

​It all starts with your mind. Train your mind to control your emotions, especially in situations that lead you to stress. Keep busy, positive and focus on improving yourself.