Believe In Yourself

What is self-belief?

​To have self-belief is to believe in all your capabilities. It’s believing and having confidence that you can do anything you put your mind to.

Anyone can achieve self-belief if they love and take care of themselves, feed their mind with positivity, and spend time with people who elevate and motivate them. It’s time to eliminate self-doubt and enter the world of confidence by following four simple steps to believing in yourself.

Self-belief starts with self-love

To believe in yourself is to have confidence in yourself. The only way to feel confident in your own skin and in your abilities is by learning how to love yourself.

The first step to loving yourself is putting your own needs first. Many times, we get caught up in the act of being selfless for the people we care about (there is absolutely nothing wrong with being selfless), but sometimes, we need to take a step back from it for the sake of our own needs.

Practice self-love by prioritizing yourself, taking care of your mental and physical health, setting personal boundaries, blocking out self-judgement and those of others and evaluating all the good things about yourself.

Once we develop a love for ourselves, we will soon gain the confidence to believe in our abilities.

Feed your mind with positivity

Ever heard of the phrase “You are what you think”? The things we watch, read and think about regularly are the things that influence our thoughts and actions, just like our beliefs influence the decisions we make in life.

The next step to self-belief is feeding your mind with positivity. Practice this by watching videos or reading books that motivate you. Start your day off with positive affirmations and speak highly about yourself.

To achieve self-belief you have to eliminate all the things that bring you self-doubt. Analyse your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs and replace them with thoughts that empower and motivate you.

Surround yourself with people who have a positive influence on you

We’re all familiar with how the words of others can alter our mood. Words can hurt you, bring you down, lift you up or motivate you. So then why surround yourself with those who only have something negative to say?

Now that we’ve practiced self-love and positive psychology, we need the friends and family who encourage it. Sometimes, the thoughts we have about ourselves come from the way someone else has made us feel or something that they’ve said. The process of feeding your mind with positivity comes with surrounding ourselves with those who can do the same.

Learn a new skill. Do something new

Learning something new is refreshing! Challenge yourself to do something you’ve always wanted to do or something you never thought you could do before.

This is a great way to push yourself towards self-development. Learn a new skill or try a new hobby. This will enhance your confidence and belief that you can do anything you put your mind to.

Self-improvement starts with you. To achieve a better, more confident version of yourself, self-reflection is necessary so that we can address the internal factors that negativity feeds on. Once we’ve achieved that, we start noticing the external factors that bring us down like the environments we find ourselves in and the people we surround ourselves with.

It all starts from within.