Beat Procrastination in Four Simple Ways

Procrastination is like a silent, invisible thief, creeping up at random hours during the day, stealing goals, dreams, and productivity! The only thing visible about procrastination is unreached goals and unfinished tasks.

The tricky thing about procrastination is that most of the time, we don’t realize we’re doing it until it hits you like half an hour later that you’ve been scrolling through social media, reading up on an upcoming season of your favorite series, or became distracted with something and never reverted to doing your tasks!

Procrastination has happened to all of us and for some, it’s a daily challenge. All it takes is discipline and consistency of the below techniques to overcome it.

Plan ahead

Have you ever woken up and thought to yourself - “What do I need to do today?”

That’s the first thought you need to eliminate and that can be done by planning ahead and creating your to-do list the night before.

Creating a list of what you need to do for each working day will make you feel more organized and like you’re going to have a productive day. It avoids confusion and spending time thinking of what you should do today or keep for tomorrow instead and allows you to immediately start working as soon as you get behind your desk.

It helps with focus, as you diligently complete task number one so that you can move onto task number two and then task number three, etc. Plus, there’s something about checking off completed tasks from your to-do list that’s extremely gratifying! Try it, you’ll see.

Deadlines and timelines

Setting deadlines to your tasks does wonders! Deadlines are like a magnetic force that keeps you glued to your tasks until you finish them, especially when that due date creeps up nearer and nearer.

Setting timelines are there to help you keep the balance so that you don’t overwork and burn out, and at the same time, helps to limit the amount of time you spend on each task. Procrastination is the thief of time as much as it is the thief of dreams and goals. Do a rough estimation of how long a task would take to complete and make sure to complete it within that time frame to avoid spending too much time on it and not getting to your other tasks.

Eliminate distractions

Remove the things that distract you from your environment such as cellphones, television, etc. If your cellphone is needed, change the settings to silent so that you aren’t distracted with your notification sounds.

Although email is the main channel of communication for work, checking emails amidst doing tasks can also be distracting. Minimize or close your email window while working on tasks to avoid seeing new emails pop up and being tempted to quickly read them. Start a habit of checking emails in between tasks.

Make change to your environment

This one goes out to those who work from home. Your working space at home can become a bit too comfortable and unmotivating at times. Take advantage of the freedom you have that comes with working from home to take a day or two a week to work in a different environment.

Most people enjoy taking a few hours to complete tasks while sitting in a restaurant or coffee shop that isn’t too noisy, or maybe even at your nearest library.

A different environment from time to time can also spark up inspiration for a new task or project, or it can fuel your motivation to complete a task.

Get the above techniques into your daily work routines and get your productivity back.

Are you ready to beat procrastination? I think you are!