Queen Rania: An Admirable Queen, Mother and Wife

Queen Rania, the queen of Jordan, is known for her passionate advocacy in education, health and women’s rights.

Born in Kuwait, Rania and her family were forced to flee the country during the Gulf War in 1991. Along with her two sisters and parents, the family resettled in Jordan.

By chance, Rania met the love of her life and current husband, the King of Jordan, at a dinner party she had attended with a friend two years later. Just six months after their meeting, the two married and started their life together. It wasn’t until Abdulla II bin al-Hussein was crowned king after his fathers’ death, that Rania received the title of Queen consort of Jordan.

Before her life as the queen, Rania enrolled and graduated at the American University in Cairo in Business Administration. Her career journey encompassed the fields of banking, information technology and marketing, where she worked for Apple Corporations.

After becoming the Queen of Jordan, Rania used her influence to advocate for many social causes and charities that she believed in. She plays an active role in the rights of women and children, environmental issues and public health.

In 1995, Rania founded the Jordan River Foundation, which is an NPO/NGO that focuses on child safety, community empowerment, and issues of poverty.

Amongst her humanitarian works, Queen Rania is also the author of four children books which was inspired by her own childhood experiences: “The Sandwich Swap”, “Eternal Beauty”, “Maha of the Mountains”, and “The Kings Gift”.

Being a mother of four children, Queen Rania balances her role as a mother, wife, queen and humanitarian pretty well and describes her job as a queen as “a job like no other".