Hend Sabry, One of Egypt’s Most Prominent and Influential Actors and Humanitarians

Hend Sabry (Hend Mohamed El-Maddy Sabry) is a Tunisian actress and lawyer who has become one of the most prominent figures in Egypt and the Arab world for her acting and various humanitarian and campaign involvement.

Sabry’s acting career began in 1994 when she was 14 years old in a few Tunisian productions. The role that brought her to stardom was a 2002 film called “Muzakirat Murahiqua,” translated to “A Teenagers Diary.” She soon became well known across the Arab world and became one of the most prominent Tunisian actresses in Egypt.

Sabry has used her power for influence and has been involved with the UN World Food Programme since 2009 and raised awareness about hunger in the region. In 2010, she became an ambassador for the World Food Programme.

She’s participated in various campaigns, one being “The Uprising of Woman in the Arab World” Facebook campaign that focused on promoting gender quality, freedom, independence, and security for Arab women. In addition, she’s been active in several other campaigns such as anti-terrorism campaigns, tourism campaigns in Egypt and Tunisia, and helped raise funds for the establishment of the first cancer hospital in upper Egypt.

Gaining much deserved recognition, Sabry was listed as one of the World’s Top 100 Most Powerful Arab Woman in CEO Middle East’s magazine in 2013. According to her website, she has won more than 25 awards for her work as an actress.

Sabry hasn’t limited herself to acting. This inspiring woman has also obtained her license in law at the Faculty of Law in Tunis in 2001, and in 2004, completed her masters in law intellectual property and copyright.