Lips and Hips by Jeriel Harvey

“Blackness isn’t a monolith—it connects countless skin tones, body shapes, hair textures, and facial features. When I decided to write, “Lip and Hips,” I wanted to salute and honor the black experience. In each line, you were taken on a journey of self-discovery and redefined your own standard of beauty. I wanted readers to feel seen and heard. Although there are still erroneous stereotypes about women of color, I wanted to break the standard and most importantly, nurture self-love. Beauty is inside and outside. We are all beautiful.

Jeriel Harvey, Author of “Amara’s Gift”

Luscious, soft,

Big, full-figured,

Stand back and behold these lips and hips.

You can’t miss,

The unspoken movement of my curves,

The nerve it took to kiss these lips,

Hips crafted by God’s touch,

Not too much, for you to hold.

Behold, my amorous pair of lips,

Shaped perfectly,

Purposely to sip,

As you drank from my ocean,

Embraced by these hips.

My soul,

Bold, red lips,

Eclipsed society’s standard of beauty.

Don’t judge these hips and lips.

Lips shaped like waves,

Hips paving the way,

For young girls to adore.

I implore you to embrace your beauty,

For it my duty,

To remind you that because of those hips and lips,

You are made, beautiful!

Jeriel Harvey

Jeriel Harvey is the author of 11 top 100 books on Amazon. He is the host of "Black Canvas" and "Space Between" podcasts available on all major platforms.