Cupcakes and Rainbow

by Aparna Singh

This cute little poetry book is written straight out from the heart. The pages of this book are not only home to my mere words but my creativity, my feelings and my emotions; emotions that I felt over the span of two years I spent writing it.

Every word, big or small, that has made its way to the book has had a profound effect on my exuberant mind. The sixteen-seventeen year old me had great fun writing it and I believe she still can be found amidst the pages of this book.

The readers will surely find a connection with her strength, her weakness, her love and her hurt right after they dive into reading her poems. But above all, this book is about deriving positivity and greatness, and Cupcakes and Rainbow are two contrastingly beautiful things that can bring us both. I hope the readers can feel some of what I felt while pursuing every emotion behind each of the poems and writing this book.

Happy Reading Folks!

Aparna Singh

Aparna Singh is a young author and law student from Patna, North India.

She is the author of the poetry book "Cupcakes and Rainbow"