The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

by Don Miguel

Published in 1997, “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel is an inspiring self-help book encouraging its readers to focus on four agreements in life that will relieve them from unnecessary stress and conflict.

Having sold over 5 million copies in 38 different languages, Don Miguel advises readers on the power of your words, encourages you not to take anything personally, to not make assumptions and to always strive to do your best in all that you do.

The first agreement to live by, “Be impeccable with your words”, emphasizes the damage and hurt that your words can cause unto others. This damage and hurt often leads to conflict between you and others. Avoid saying what you don’t mean or talking behind people’s backs, this will clear you from all fault of the hurt others might feel.

The second agreement, “Don’t take anything personally”, reminds the reader that people’s opinions, behaviors and feedback is based on how they view the world. Many times we find ourselves worrying about the opinions of others or seeking the validation of others. Taking the opinions of others too personal can cause unnecessary stress, anxiety, and limits you from being who you truly are.

The third agreement, “Don’t make assumptions”, talks about how people have different reasons or motivations behind their actions. Assuming why someone has done/said something, or trying to figure out what they’re thinking causes stress on yourself. Instead, communicate with the person to try and figure it out.

The fourth and final agreement, “Always do your best”, encourages the reader to always put your best foot forward to avoid feeling any regret about your actions. Realizing that you’ve done your best will bring you peace of mind instead of feelings of regret.

This brilliant book encourages you as the reader to follow these four agreements to feel content and stress free in life.

Don Miguel

Don Miguel Ruiz is a Mexican author of Toltec spiritualist and neoshamanism

texts. In addition, he is a renowned spiritual teacher and internationally

bestselling author of the Toltec Wisdom Series.