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Mia Asano, Mia Asano, Embracing Her Musical Voice With The Electric Violin


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From Writing Free Form Poetry to Making Her Own Music, Here’s All You Need to Know about the Young Independent Artist and her Latest Singles

Ahoo Beauty

Ahoo Beauty

Bringing Confidence to her Clients through Professional Makeup and Fashion Style Coaching

Jen Winnett

Jen Winnett

Creating the Best Eco-friendly Products from Her Artistic Illustrations Inspired by Nature

Influential Women

Naomi Osaka

A Quick Peek into the Achievements of her Professional Tennis Career, Activism, and Business Ventures

Meghan Markle

Passion for Philanthropy Has Come a Long Way, and as the Duchess of Sussex, She’s Set to Make an Even Bigger Impact!

Hend Sabry

One of Egypt’s Most Prominent and Influential Actors and Humanitarians

Inspirational Articles

Inspirational Articles

6 Self-Reflection Techniques for a Better YOU

Include these simple techniques into your self-reflection journey for a better understanding of who you are.

Overcome Perfectionism

Exploring Two Types of Perfectionists

Why You Should Advertise with blakINwite Digital Magazine

Learn more about the different types and objectives of advertising and why you should advertise with blakINwite digital magazine.

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HBO’s House of the Dragon: Answers to the inspiration behind the storyline, filming locations, and season two

Will there be a season two of House of Dragon? Where was House of Dragon filmed? Find it all here as unpack more on HBO's new trending series!

13 Reasons Why Cast: What Have They Been Up To?

Mediterranean Games Women Results 2022: Top 3 in Swimming, Karate, and Taekwondo

Find out the 2022 Mediterranean Games results for the women's swimming, taekwondo, and karate, and the short history of this anticipated multi-sports event.


Smoked Salmon, Avocado, and Fennel Salad
Recipe by: Feasting at Home

This quick and easy Smoked Salmon, Avocado, and Fennel salad is the perfect meal for summer lunch or dinner!

Traditional South African Milk Tart

By Immaculate Bites

Egyptian Fattah Recipe
By Amira’s Pantry

This lovely, traditional fattah recipe is a spiced lamb or beef meal served over rice and toasted pita pieces, with garlic and tomato sauce. Fattah is usually served at all kinds of celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, and Ramadan or Eid.


Lips and Hips

Read "Lips and Hips" by Jeriel Harvey, a poem about self-discovery and self-love. Jeriel Harvey shares more about the inspirations behind his poem.

How to Prevent the Next Pandemic

In this book, Bill Gates talks about what we should have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and how we can prevent another pandemic from happening!

Everything Will Be Okay

Summarizing the book "Everything Will Be Okay" by Dana Perino