Lift a Sister Up

We, women, are strong, courageous, and resilient. We have the ability to lift ourselves up when things seem to be going a little bit off track. But even through our independence, we too need a little ‘lift-me-up’ from time to time.


At blakINwite, we admire the strong, hard-working, and independent woman you are and we’d love to know how you do it! We started the Lift a Sister Up initiative to give you the platform to share your greatest advice, words of encouragement, and stories to those reading. Who knows how your advice will help a woman in need of that lift-me-up?


This initiative is all about woman-to-woman advice and support. Through this platform, you can  lift fellow women in business, entrepreneurs, moms, and wives up through genuine advice from personal experiences, tips, or simple words of encouragement, wherever you are!


Select a category you feel you want to support someone with today, type, and post!

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Share advice related to emotional and mental wellness, stress management tips, burnout prevention tips, motivation, anything that’ll contribute towards the emotional and mental wellness of your sister.


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