About Us

An inspirational space where women are encouraged to pursue their dreams & follow their passion.

We aspire
to inspire you.

Life. With all its blessings, the successes and the challenges we face, the relationships we make and the people we cross paths with.

We choose how to live it, how to accept our challenges and see the hidden blessings in our struggles. To learn, grow and become stronger. It will all make sense in the end. The sequence of events and the experiences we go through were meant to happen and in that order to bring us one step closer to where we want to be. 

Sometimes all it takes for us to find purpose and motivation is the inspiration behind the stories of others. Unveiling the stories of those who rise after falling and those with the ambition to challenge their struggles, those with dreams they continue to chase and who make the world a better place. blakINwite is a digital magazine by Emoteyes with a mission to inspire change and empower women. The magazine  will feature the stories of women who follow their passion up the corporate ladder, entrepreneurs, mothers, scientists, artists and future leaders.

Through blakINwite, we aspire to inspire more women to stand out, speak up, and dare to be different.